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Friday, July 1, 2011

automatic. systematic. hydromatic.

the teen, rock-ell and i were super stoked when it was finally time for the "grease" singalong at the hollywood bowl.  we'd bought the tickets weeks ago, and while i've been to the bowl before (granted, the last time was a decade ago), it was the first time for both girls.

we very wisely chose to buy the $5 shuttle tickets.  the closest pickup spot for us was in arcadia, which was just fine.  no traffic, no parking, no hassle.  we got there right on time and scored seats on the very first bus.

i'd brought a book to pass the time on the way there, and it was nice to have some uninterrupted reading time.  i actually managed to get almost all the way through before we finally pulled up to the dropoff area.  and of course, what did we do first?  we hit this, of course.

we'd packed a big ass bag full of sandwiches and snacks, so we were all set in that department.  we had blankets (and snuggies - you'll see), but knowing that the bench seats aren't super comfortable, i sprung for three of those seat cushions with a handle.  i figured we'd get our use out of them this summer, since we're coming back for "hairspray" in august (with the teen's future husband, nick jonas) and then the "sound of music" singalong in september.  we're definitely making up for lost bowl time.

the escalators that took us to the upper levels reminded us all of universal studios.

thank god for this.  sorry, smokers, but i hate that shit.

on the way up, we saw the first of many costumed singalong-ers.

it was easy to find our seats, and we were pleased with the central location we had and the fairly decent view it offered.

we even got props for the evening, in our pink plastic "fun packs."

as the sun set, the stars came out and the coolness of the evening enveloped us, which was lovely.  it didn't take long for the girls to bust out those snuggies.

we'd stopped at wolfe's market, where i finally cashed in a restaurant.com certificate i've had for ages and ages.  there were sandwiches with all the condiments, slices of meat and cheese, petit fours and cookies. i like meat.

didi conn, who played "frenchie" in the movie, came out as our "hostess" for the night.  she looked and sounded exactly as she had 25ish years ago, and she brought out others who'd been part of the movie as well as greeted everyone who'd lined up for the costume contest/parade. 

let's just say that i managed to finish my book during this time.  heh.

and then it was finally time for the movie.  these shots are awfully blurry, but you'd expect nothing less, right?

go, greased lightning!  the teen's eyes widened at a few parts of the song.  unlike the "clean" versions on tv, the song was uncut and uncensored, and she'd never really realized what they were saying before.  surprise!

during "beauty school dropout," a group of chicks who'd dressed accordingly took it upon themselves to parade up and down the aisles amidst a lot of hootin' and hollerin'.  most of it came from folks who were...not sober.  heh.  we were actually surrounded by lots and lots of wine bottles.

race at thunder road!

and the triumphant finale.

the ride back to arcadia was much easier and faster than the drive out, and we were home in no time.  we'd had such fun - and i can't wait for the next two events.  we have much better seats for "hairspray," in the hopes of getting a good view of the jonas.  woo-hoo!


  1. Finding out the real lyrics to "Greased Lightening" shocked me too. I think I was 25. :-\

    Looks like you guys had a ball! Love the snuggies!

  2. Oh, hell...I so would have gone with you to this!! I love me some grease and I know all the words. We could have dressed up, you put on a blonde wig and be sandi and i get to be rizzo, because i love stockard channing. we would be awesome for sure...sorry, i ramble!

  3. Love all the photographs and poses! I think it is awesome that you go to (take) these events with your daughter and her friends and that she loves having you along with them :)

  4. How fun! I'm dragging the Hubs to see West Side Story next weekend. Can't wait!

  5. Aw, so fun! I love the Hollywood Bowl! Most of the things I'm interested in seeing this season are of the classical variety and Mr. Insom isn't too interested. Bummer for me. :/


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