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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

taking a dump

well, an iPhone photo dump, of course.  i always take random photos here and there that don't really have any particular theme, so these posts are pretty fun for me.  maybe not for you.  oh, well.

we hadn't been to a first friday food truck fest in a really long time - like since before MIL left.  part of that was because the date always fell on a weekend that the teen was off to her dad's.  so we were stoked to finally go again - and it was nice to be there when the weather wasn't quite so frigid and we could actually enjoy it in the daylight.

the "fully loaded" from the grilled cheese truck - caramelized onions, BBQ pulled pork, and mac & cheese.

cute toddler havaianas from auntie monkey!

i love these ginormous, totally on-trend sunglasses.

workin' her 4th of july parade dress.  the "no sandals without socks" policy at school blows.  i refuse to dress my kid like that, ew.  although maybe socks & tennies are just as bad, especially with this ensemble.  bah.

we love hello kitty vans!

i really love being driven around.  luckily, the teen likes driving.

the bean likes to make faces for the camera too.

oh, and she's totally obsessed with drawing rainbows.

...and that's all, folks!


  1. Sandals and socks... What, you don't appreciate the German tourist uniform? =P

    DD's preschool & elem school only allow closed toed shoes. No sandals at all. I was surprised.

  2. OMG! Rainbows! I can't believe she's old enough to draw and everything. How does she grow so quickly?

  3. Yay! The only non-family member to score loot from Brazil!


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