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Monday, July 25, 2011

a friend in need

it's been almost five weeks now since my friend fell into a coma a day after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.  she's been on my mind constantly ever since, and i've been checking her facebook page several times a day for news.

sadly, there is none.  each passing day turns into another week of her husband and three children having to live without her presence and love and smile.  it just breaks my heart, and i can't stop thinking of her daughters, only 9 and 2, and her sweet newborn son.  i've not met her husband, but remember from what she told me that they've been together for a long time, and only married for a few years.  the days have got to be so bittersweet for him - taking care of those kids, trying to keep a normal routine for them, and staying at his wife's side as much as possible.

i actually hadn't been in contact with her much in the last year or so.  the last time i traded an e-mail with her was when i was helping my cousin r find a day-of wedding coordinator - and of course, my first thought was ricci.  and she gleefully informed me that she wasn't taking on any more weddings as she was hoping to be pregnant soon.  i was so happy for her when i found out that she'd been successful.  she was also the one who rushed to tell me about the jonas brothers' free concert on easter sunday last year - and then managed to score tickets for me and the teen to join her and her girls.  i'm sad to admit that i haven't seen her since that day, especially as she was so instrumental in the planning of the beautiful baby shower thrown for me by the SFAMily.

now, you know i'm not typically one to post real names or do any hard-core soliciting via this blog.  it's just not my thing.  but in this case, i feel compelled to share the websites that have been created in an effort to share their story and get as much help for the family as possible.  prayers and good thoughts are always wonderful, and i'm sure they're appreciated.  but if you feel so inclined, this family needs all the material help they can get.  here is one of the links that takes you to a paypal account set up for monetary donations.  ricci's employer created this site, also set up for paypal donations.  her family has created a blog to share their thoughts and as much information about ricci's condition as they feel comfortable with.  and lastly, friends and family set up a registry on diapers.com for anyone who wants to help with supplies for the baby.

oh, ricci.  please wake up so that you can be with the family who needs and loves you so much.


  1. OMG!! I've never met her in person but as a fellow wedding coordinator we've shared MANY emails, referrals, and discussions on balancing marriage, babies and the desire to stay in the biz while "doing it all". She is such a sweet girl! This is so heartbreaking!! Sending all my prayers and support to her and her family. :(

  2. My heart aches for them. Sending good thoughts & prayers to all affected. I'll definitely help however I can.


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