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Monday, July 18, 2011

bean, the musical fruit

so there's a couple of bean-related things that i want to record, because i know i'll forget about them.  i'm getting old, you know, and the memory's the first thing to go.  at least that's what i'm told.  warning:  most of you really won't give a crap about this post, and i won't be hurt if you stop reading right now.  so okay, here goes.

i think i've mentioned before the bean is a major gleek.  it's true.  she recognizes the actors and can name them by character and loves to hear the music in the car.  it's pretty comical to listen to her sing along to "jessie's girl" or "and i am telling you i'm not going" and "don't stop believin'." 

a few days ago, we were driving along when she said "mommy, can we listen to the "begin" song please?"  and i had no idea what she was talking about, so i asked her to sing it for me.  and then i thought i was gonna pee my pants when she trilled the first couple of lines from "sweet caroline."  you know:  "where it began, i can't begin to know when..." 

the other one she's retitled is the "i'm sorry" song - which turned out to be "my life would suck without you" - "guess this means you're sorry..."

after spending most of her nights cosleeping with me and the hub in our bed, we've finally got her sleeping in her own room.  actually, this has been the case for several months, right around the time MIL left.  and after discovering fun music CDs by the laurie berkner band at the library, we've even got a routine for bedtime now (which is still embarrassingly late, but it works since she still takes a long afternoon nap).

when the pajamas are on, the teeth have been brushed, the breath has been smelled and praised (yup), the last potty stop is over and the hands have been washed, she chooses a stuffed animal to sleep with.  then we settle into what she calls her "thinking chair," grab a blanket (even when it's butt ass hot outside), and open up the youtube app on my phone (or the iPad, whichever doesn't have a dead battery).  and we watch this:

when it's over (for the second time, because we have to watch it twice), i turn the phone and say "okay, say goodnight, laurie."  she always replies "you mean, the lady from nick jr. laurie?" and i say "yes, the lady from nick jr. laurie" and then she curls up in my arms and goes to sleep.

that's it.  hey, i warned you.

oh, and p.s. to cousin seven:  you're welcome.  i know you probably JUST got that song out of your head.  it missed you.


  1. waaaah waaaaaaah no more moon moon!

  2. This is too adorable! Sweet Caroline was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid :)

  3. I love you!! I love Bean!! She's my hero - glee is awesome!

    BTW, if you tweet goodnight to the moon, the moon will tweet back. Give it a try!

  4. Eeeee I love how the Bean is a Gleek too!


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