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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

patriotic parading

with all of the other hullaballoo over 4th of july, i totally forgot to add a few photos from the bean's parade at school.  mom of the year, that's me.  too busy showing off sewing projects and other crap.  oops.

and because it's me, i managed to arrive at the school exactly at the time the parade was to start. this meant hunting in vain for a parking spot in the lot and ultimately ending up across the street and jaywalking, frogger-style.  i'm lucky i didn't get hit by a car.

so of course, this meant that i didn't get inside in time to see the bean sashaying with her class through the building and out the door into the playground in the back.  oh, well.  i scanned across the yard and managed to find her just behind the pop-up.

i snuck up (well, as best as one can sneak up in front of someone) to her and she didn't see me at first.

but a nanosecond later, she spotted me and my camera and struck her best 4th of july pose.

and then she decided to try a mirror image of the same pose.

so silly.  after the presentation was over, i followed her to the playground and gave her a hug and told her i'd be back after school.

i was afraid she would protest and ask me to stay or to come with me, but this is what i got:

oh - totally unrelated, but it makes me laugh.  she loves her some old navy.

and even more unrelated, my patriotic pedicure.

when i showed my toes off to the bean, she peered at them and then asked me why i had spiders painted on them.


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  1. I see the Bean is adopting her Mom and her Sister famous photograph face posing! Great pics....love the pedicure.


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