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Thursday, March 12, 2015

giving dinner a helping hand

i'm in the 6th week of the 60-day challenge, and while i still get crazy cravings for starbucks and french fries like mad, eating clean-ish is starting to feel fairly easy and very do-able for me.  pinterest is still my main source of finding recipes to try, and i'm finding that there are lots of things that i can recreate using healthier ingredients.

back when i was young and broke as hell, i lived on all sorts of processed foods that are super tasty but seriously bad for you.  you know, like blue box mac & cheese, ramen that you could buy 6 for a buck, hamburger helper.  so when i found a recipe for "unprocessed hamburger helper," you know i had to give it a shot.

trader joe's carries brown rice pasta, which i've discovered is pretty damn good and not much different from pasta made with regular flour.

once i got my ground beef cooked and drained, i mixed it up with all of the other spices and ingredients.  the uncooked pasta was stirred in and then set to simmer for about 15 minutes.  looks kinda like dog food, right?  that means it really IS like hamburger helper!

even plated, it didn't look any prettier.  but the bean took one look and said "YUM!  did you make beefaroni, mom??"  heh.

i'm happy to report that it was just as tasty as the stuff you can get in the box, and the bean loved it so much she ate two bowls and took the leftovers in a thermos for lunch the next day.  awesome.

oh!  also, i finally got to sign the "100 barre" at xtend.  although to be honest, i'm actually closer to 200 classes at this point.

and i got the 100 classes shirt, too - i'm finally part of the cool kids club!

there's about two and a half weeks left in the challenge, and then it'll be weighing and measuring time again.  i've snuck a peek on the scale now and then, and while i'm not really seeing the number go down a whole lot, i'm feeling pretty good about how my clothes are fitting these days.  or not fitting, as the case may be.  there's a yay!/boo. for ya, huh?

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