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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

still doing the cookie thing

it still amazes me every time someone asks me to do cookies in a design i haven't yet tackled.  i feel like i've been doing cookies forever, but happily it's still fun for me - especially when i'm challenged with something new.

like these, for instance - favors for a red egg and ginger party for a baby boy born in the year of the horse.  google tells me that this is typically a celebration of a newborn's first month, which is something i'd not heard of before.  and thank goodness for sweet sugarbelle, because without her step-by-step tutorials i'd be completely lost.

one of my oldest friends is a girl i first met back in fourth grade.  and through the magic of facebook, we reconnected years ago and have stayed in touch since our last high school reunion.  she's a manager at a local starbucks, and hit me up for some treats for a barista competition she was overseeing.  these were really fun:

another friend recommended me to a friend of hers, who was looking for favors for her son's birthday party.  the theme was paw patrol, so here's what she got:

bridal shower cookies are always, always fun for me to do.

and then the bean's cheer coach at school, who i love for many reasons, asked me to help out with cookies for her mom's milestone birthday.

i've got even more fun-sounding cookies in the pipeline over the next few weeks, and i can't wait to see how they turn out.  wish me luck.

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