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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

kickin' it, korean-style

so we've been doing the girl scouts thing for about five months now, and we've kind of gotten the hang of how to run our meetings, learned our girls' personalities, and earned some badges.  we survived our first cookie season and are gearing up to do some fun outings with the girls over the next few weeks.  to switch things up a little, my co-leader managed to sweet-talk a local martial arts studio to come to one of our meetings and give the girls a fun little lesson in beginning tae kwon do.

even better?  the twin brothers who own the studio graciously offered the lesson for free.  not to mention, it totally fell in line with the badge we were working on - "courageous and strong."  perfect, right?

when the guys arrived, they wasted no time in getting the girls lined up, introducing themselves and learning the girls' names.

they started with some warm-ups - first, jumping jacks.

and then the first of two proud mama wan moments came when she was one of only two who knew how to demonstrate a push-up:

the second came when she happily showed everyone how to do a burpee.  that's my girl, yo!

i don't even know what they were telling the girls that made her make this face.

the time went by all too fast, and before we knew it they were wrapping it up with a quick demo of some basic kicks and punches.

of course, there were group pics.

if you couldn't tell from the expression on her face in most of those photos, the bean absolutely loved the lesson and is now begging me to sign her up for regular sessions.  you know, during all that free time she has between jazz, art, piano, hula, girl scouts, and gymnastics.  AND she wants to start going back to golf lessons too.  good gracious, child.  and yet i've been after her to try martial arts of some sort for ages.

ack.  looks like this may be the summer of tae kwon do.  just watch.  it's totally gonna happen.

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