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Thursday, February 4, 2016

i can't stop eating asian snacks.

making my lack of willpower for the clean eating challenge even worse, the addiction to japanese snacks is still in full effect.  i've hit up the asian supermarket at least two more times, and the monthly skoshboxes are total enablers.

as curious as i was about it, i did manage to say a "hell no" to this craziness.  $18 for a box of candy? that i wasn't even sure i'd like?  yikes.  what's in this stuff, gold?

although i do love that store for the giant assortment of take-home sushi they sell by the piece.  this made for quite a lovely lunch:

a lot of their products are adorned with some of my favorite characters.  of course, this makes them absolutely irresistible...regardless of what they might be.  like, this is cheese.  cheese!

i thought i loved pretty much all cheese, but this...no.  although i suppose processed-to-all-hell cheese FOOD like this doesn't count.  right?  it tasted like a very mild version of velveeta, but had a really weird mouthfeel.  it was like eating a cross between jello and play-doh.  not good.

but these were way better.  little milk-flavored pieces of taffy and a marshmallow stuffed with chocolate?  yes, please.

i finally gave in and tried one of the oreo products they had.  these were rather like a choco pie, but with a richer, darker chocolate flavor.  yummy.

and this month's skoshbox arrived, but i haven't had a chance to try much of it yet.

this is a lollipop made of chocolate, shaped like an umbrella.  now i'm ready for el niño!

these are little chocolate-filled crackers.  boy, skoshbox must know how much i love chocolate.

these are labeled as "savory consomme-flavored crackers."  i bet they're gonna be delicious.

grape jelly-filled marshmallows.  since i love the hello kitty strawberry version of these, i know i'll dig these.  grape is my most favorite artificial fruit flavor!

these are little chocolate-coffee drops.  again, pretty sure these will get devoured 30 seconds after the package gets ripped open.

more oreos!  since there were two of them, i decided i had to see what the "soft cookie" was all about.

and it was pretty much exactly that - a soft version of your basic oreo cookie.  super yummy, and now it's on my list for the next trip to the asian market.

my girl scout troop is going to be setting up a booth about japan at our upcoming "thinking day" event.  we get to make posters with fun facts about the country, offer a craft or activity, and set out snacks.  that last bit is gonna be alllllllll me.  it's gonna be hard to narrow down what to offer!  although i already know pocky is going to be present.  everybody loves pocky.


  1. Have you been to Daiso in San Dimas...? Next to Trader Joe's. All kinds of interesting treats there.

  2. Those look like Disney condoms! Have you been to the Tokyo Mart in Little Tokyo? There's a pretty cool Japanese dollar store and a full grocery store (plus some awesome karaoke and restaurants).


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