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Friday, February 26, 2016

it's like coming home

after we were done horsing around, we took advantage of a day off from cookie boothing and headed down to the 'land after almost a month's absence.  as silly as it sounds, we were really feeling withdrawal pains from not being in the happiest place on earth for so long.  despite the fact that it was a sunday and we wouldn't be able to stay for a long time, we were really excited to get back to it.

being a weekend and a day that was open to all levels of annual passes for admission, it was pretty crowded.  and it was really warm.  we settled for just strolling along, peoplewatching and grabbing a fastpass for the indiana jones ride.  and then we splurged and picked up some new ears to wear around the park.  disney is doing a "share your ears" promo right now - if you take a picture of your mickey/minnie ears and post it on social media with the hashtag #shareyourears, they'll donate $5 to the make a wish foundation.

we browsed in all of our favorite shops, and this caught my eye - it would make such a fun, easy yoda cookie:

one of my favorite snacks at disneyland is a very simple one - their popcorn is the best.  always perfectly seasoned and freshly popped because they must go through tons of it every day.

and then for dinner, we went to the bean's favorite spot - the plaza inn.  she adores their fried chicken, and i decided to grab a turkey leg from a nearby kiosk to enjoy.

our passes expire in may, which we're already dreading, and so with cookie season close to an end we're making plans to come back as much as we possibly can before then.  and we managed to score seats at an annual passholder exclusive sneak preview screening of "zootopia" on sunday.  i cannot wait.


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