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Saturday, October 18, 2008

are you freaking kidding me right now?




no, not a zit on my ass - which, actually, would be better than what i'm stuck with right now. at least that would be hidden from plain sight.

oh, no. my body has decided that it hates me, because i'm rocking a fucking PLANET on my face right now. this shit has its own damn heartbeat, folks.

and you remember what tomorrow is, right? yup.

our photo shoot with crissy. for our christmas cards. so come this december, 125 lucky households will be graced with a lovely card featuring my beautiful girls, my hot hub, and my pretty princess pimple.

fuck me.


  1. Ditto Winnie. Oh, and make-up too. Photoshop, and make-up.

  2. technology will make it all better!

  3. My husband has had one zit the entire 9 and a half years I've known him...on our wedding day...made me want to cry.

  4. This happened the day before my wedding. All I can say is thank god for Photoshop.

  5. did it go down at all?

    if not, photoshop will indeed be your friend. ;)

  6. Ack! I hope Crissy can work some photo shop magic for you.

  7. That's what appointments at the mac counter are for!


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