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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the holidays are near

i love, love, love the holiday season. i really do. people are always so much nicer and there's an air of excitement wherever you go. i sent out my first order of holiday cards this week, and i'm halfway through the second. and you already know we did our annual family photo shoot for our own christmas cards this past weekend.

my beloved ryan seacrest talked about the upcoming holiday season on his radio show yesterday. with the state of our economy these days, he seems to think that a bit of holiday cheer is desperately needed right now. of course, this could go one of two ways - folks will either cheer up, or they'll get even more pissed off if they've been affected by the craziness of the financial situation and can't afford to do up the holidays like they usually do.

and then that fool cued up some actual christmas music. we were treated to the smooth stylings of barry manilow (of course, another favorite of mine - no sarcasm) and then a bit of whiny mariah, singing "all i want for christmas is you." a classic, yes? [eyeroll]

in other news, i haven't been able to sleep very well lately. i don't know why - i'm not stressing out about anything in particular, but the last few nights have been the same. i go to bed at regular time, wake up thinking that it MUST be morning by then, roll over and peek at the clock, only to find out that it's all of 12-freaking-30. yikes. and the night before last, a thought popped into my head: i really need to organize my cardmaking supplies. in a big way.

in our old house, i had much easier access to all of my stuff. plus, it was more visible, so i was forced to keep it a bit more organized than it is now.

old house:


what a mess. not to mention, i've got a lot more crap now than i did then, like spools and spools of various colors and widths of ribbon in bulk. so i decided i'd reorganize the two closets, buy some dowels or really narrow curtain rods, and hang 'em up. easy peasy.

target didn't have what i wanted, so i hit up home depot, where i was amused/bemused/amazed at the giant selection of christmas decorations already out. we aren't even past halloween yet! sheesh. even my holiday-loving ass refuses to bust out christmas decor until thanksgiving is officially over. right now, i'm still in the mood for this:

but they're already selling this:


anyway, i managed to find what i needed and got the hell out of there. home depot is normally one of my least favorite places to go. bleh.

when i got home, i played with the bean for a bit. she's been cracking us up with all sorts of silly faces lately, and this one is her current favorite. if i make it at her first, she'll giggle and then make it right back.

after we'd read a few books and played with her toys for a bit, she settled down and played quietly by herself while i dragged out a couple of those boxes of paper goods from the supply closet. i wanted to get all of my paper source stuff out, separate it by size and type, and then make a list of what colors i had so that the next time i need something, i can check my stock quickly and figure out if i need to make the trek out to the store or not.

i came to the realization that i could damn near open my own paper source store. and this isn't even everything i have.

heh. okay. paper source inventory, check! next up, inventory of that vast ribbon supply.

and don't worry. i'm not going to bore you with a play-by-play of operation organize paper goods. i might post a picture of the finished project, but i'm even boring me at this point. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. Is it bad that your current closet already looks neat and organized to me?

  2. I go to sleep regularly after 1 a.m.

    Maybe that's why our place could qualify for Clean Sweep. This is why I never invite anyone up, and you just get to see our beautiful lobby.

  3. Ditto Jane . . . your current closet is already really organized to me. You do have a LOT of stuff!!! I must show your pictures to Jason tonight so he'd stop nagging me about my one-cartful of craft supplies.

  4. Organizing paper sounds like a super fun party :) I'd like a play-by-play :) Post pics for us nerds, will you? :) Merry early Christmas!

  5. i <3 organizing! my crap is all still in boxes, but i have big plans for organizing the hell out of it in the next few weeks. wheee!

  6. I hate organizing stuff. But I love buying boxes, shelves and other goods to hold the organized stuff. The Container Store is my Mecca.

  7. I haven't been sleeping well lately either. Weird. Please post a picture of the finished project. You know I want to see it. :)

  8. i love that place and you sure do have a lot of products.

    i'm making her announcements..and order some stock from there, wish me luck.

  9. did you stand on a chair to take that picture?

  10. I'm so glad someone else is a Christmas nut, too! I already have our cards and am shopping and buying presents, and everyone thinks I am insane (maybe rightfully so).

  11. Yeah, I thought it already looked nice :) I love hearing about organization, because I have none. I mean it sounds fun and all, I just don't. I'm like WeeMo, don't expect an invite into my home soon.

    p.s. "my beloved Ryan Seacrest" and I hate you. Eww.

  12. A paper inventory post wouldn't bore me :)

  13. home depot has had christmas stuff for at least a few weeks.

    sick. :/

  14. I'm SO annoyed that Christmas keeps getting earlier and earlier. Heck peeps it's not even Halloween! Don't overshadow my favorite holiday!

  15. Your unorganizedness is actually quite organized-looking my dear.


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