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Sunday, October 19, 2008

short and sweet

well, it's done. the bean is no longer a hair salon newbie. at least, not as a client.

because of some conflicts in our schedule for today, we ended up canceling the appointment at the fancy-schmancy children's spa and instead opted for a children's hair salon closer to home - little kuts, on lake avenue in pasadena. it was $10 less and they had an opening available later in the day, so we went for it. i remembered seeing this place a long time ago, on my way to anthropologie and the right start.

the hub had spent the morning golfing at a nearby course with some co-workers, so he met us there. we got there a little early, so while he grabbed a snack at sansai, the bean enjoyed a pre-haircut cookie.

the teen and i were amused at the sight of this...um, interesting outfit.

the place was pretty small, so this sign instructed us to leave the stroller outside.

after checking in, the bean got to sit on the carousel horse. she liked the pink cape she got to wear, and we were both mesmerized by the hair on our stylist, amore.

we told amore that we wanted to go for a suri cruise-esque do, and preferably keep it shoulder-length. and then the first step was to wet her hair, gather it into a low ponytail, and then - snip! bye-bye, hair.

the bean was quite a wiggle worm, which we anticipated. i tried to help by holding on to her as amore worked on shaping her new 'do, and the teen handed her a toy from the stroller so she would stop sticking that pretty pink cape in her mouth.

she got bored sitting there (i don't blame her, really) and got a little upset.

a few more snippety-snips, and then that was it. here's a side and rear view of the end result.

she seems pretty happy with it. i think. and yes, she had an outfit change. there was hair all over her - amore didn't bother to brush her down or even blow it off with the hair dryer. meh.

but she definitely enjoyed playing with her daddy.

i guess you really can't see what it looks like too well, but then again, i want to wash and style it myself. amore did a shitty job of it - as soon as she finished cutting those bangs (too short, as far as i'm concerned, and this is far from shoulder length), she moved on to the next client. i had to ask the girl at the desk for a comb to style it a little. let's just say that we won't be returning - or, at least, we'll be requesting anyone BUT amore. i didn't love her at all. get it? [groan]

that ponytail is in a little baggie, attached to a "first haircut" certificate. it's total cheese-whiz, and so lametastic that i didn't even take a picture of it. of course, i'll stick it in her baby book, but it's ugly as hell. i'll probably find a nicer way to display that lock of hair in the book, too.

the teen said "she looks like a boy now." but i don't think so! i think she still looks adorable, and now her hair looks shiny, healthy, and thick. as it grows out, it'll look even better. and at least the bangs can be easily combed to the side and secured with a cute clip. i mean, come on - could you really mistake this face for a boy, short hair or not??


  1. Ok, I swear I won't make fun of the $10 more haircut spa anymore. The bangs are way too short (sorry) but I'm sure the bean's hair will grow out really quickly, and you know we all need some photos of bad haircuts from our childhood for the wedding slideshow.

  2. Amore doesn't sounds lovely at all. But there's no way the Bean can be mistaken for a boy. I'm sure the bangs will grow out quickly.

  3. When her hair hits her eye, and The Bean starts to cry, that's Amore....

    Sorry, but you should get your money back. :/

  4. I cannot believe her name is Amore. Sheesh. And, no worries -- I think the 'do will look more Suri-esque after a few weeks of growth.

  5. I agree with the monkey, but the bangs will grow fast :).

  6. She doesn't look anything like a boy! And doesn't the Bean watch ANTM? Tell her next time she cries in the salon they might send her home and her dreams of being a model will be forever dashed.

    And just remember - everyone's first time is usually not their best time. It's awkward, uncomfortable, no one knows where to put their arms, and usually one party is trying to hurry up and get it over with. It gets better.

  7. I actually think short bangs are cute on little ones. I'd be ticked about the length though. While I think the length is cute as well, I'd be mad that I told them "shoulder length" and came out with that. But either way...she's still a doll.

  8. The haircut is more Katie than Suri, but the Bean could be sportin' a mohawk and look adorable.

  9. I loved the idea of this place until I continued to read...you should get your money back! The Bean is so darn cute, that the short bangs aren't a big deal, but what if she wasn't so cute? Then it would have been a bad cut! Can't wait to see the family pics!!!

  10. she is still adorable, no question about that. but, i agree with the other girls, you should get your money back. it's cute, but not at all what you asked for.

    on the upside, it does look cute on her. :)

  11. I'm sure it'll look even better when the bangs grow out. The side view is really cute. In Amore's defense, it's really hard to cut a squiggly baby's hair. Now that being said, Amore is supposed to be a professional. Get it together, Amore!

  12. She definitely does not look like a boy, but I agree, no amore for amore [snort]!

  13. The Bean looks so cute! Definitely can't mistake her cutie face for a boy. Also, that hair place is downstairs from where I used to get my hair done!

  14. she's so stinking cute, a "bad" haircut doesn't change that. and I put bad in quotes because I don't think it's awful. and it's hair - it will grow back. ;)

  15. The Bean is too adorable and doesn't look like a boy. In a few weeks, her hair will be looking like Suri in no time.

  16. Amore is a bad woman. Bet you don't want to see no more-ay of her! Bwahahahaha... :/

    Bean looks adorable no matter what -- and she'll look even more so in a couple weeks when those bangs grow!

  17. She is still uber adorable... and the hair will grow back super fast. Would never confuse her for a boy!


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