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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

'cuz really, what else do you wanna know?

i was tagged last week by mrs. m, and she commented that i don't ever do these things. but i do, i do! it's just been a while, probably because my responses are generally pretty boring. and, you already know damn near everything there is to know about me. ha!

but i do have fun with these, so here we go. six random things about me:

1. my ass is a SLOB. now, i don't mean that showers are a special occasion thing, or that my house is filthy dirty (although i do have the housecleaners to thank for that), or that i have sixteen cats with seventeen litter boxes around the joint, or dirty dishes piled in the sink from four months ago. no, i'm really just more - how do i say this? - clutterish. i know that isn't a word, but it's all i got. it means that i'm not a neat freak like the hub (which drives him absolutely insane). every room probably isn't spotless and there might be a pile of mail on the table and a basket of laundry in the corner and the throw blankets are *gasp* unfolded on the couch on any given day. sue me.

2. some of you already know this (and take every available opportunity to make fun of me for it), but i don't like fruit. ANY fruit. no, not even watermelon. or apples. i like fruit flavored stuff, but if it's got fruit chunks in it [barf], i'm not havin' it. i try not to draw attention to myself when i'm served anything with fruit in it (usually, i'll just make an effort and pick around it), although i'm typically outed by the hub, or a friend who will laugh at my discomfort. hmph.

3. i'm a terrible photographer. although this, too, is not necessarily a surprise, as you've seen my "work" here. but i always laugh when i attend the same gathering as, say, the monkey, and we'll both be snapping away at the same damn things. but then my pictures look like ass, whereas hers are totally pro. oh, well. i can always just steal hers anyway ;)

4. i am completely anal about balancing my checkbook. i check our account online on a daily basis, and while i'm not balanced to the penny (well, not anymore, anyway), i always know how much we actually have in there. i know how long it takes folks to cash a check, too. man, i hate writing checks.

5. i wish i'd gone to college. i know i've done fairly well without a degree, but i've always wondered how much better off i'd be with one. i would've loved the chance to try out dorm life, meet lots of new people, join a sorority (yeah, i've totally made fun of sorority girls, but that doesn't mean i wouldn't have been one). and i don't want to hear "it's not too late!" - because there's nothing i dislike more than sitting in a classroom. besides, there aren't any sororities out there for 37-year-old wannabes. heh.

6. i type 100+ words per minute. i can 10-key with the best of 'em, too. i don't know why i can do some things really fast - like those, and reading - but i just do. i guess everybody's got a talent, and that's mine. whoo-hoo! i'm so talented. too bad i can't win a contest or anything.

this is the part where i'm supposed to tag six more folks, but i don't know anyone who hasn't already done this one. if you haven't, and you want to, go for it and let me know in the comments, so i can go and learn six fascinating things about you!


  1. I'm sure I beat you on #1.
    I'm laughing at #3.

    And I won't say, "It's not too late" for #5, but I will say, "My mom did it, and you can, too!" It was cool to go to her graduation.


  2. I'm sure I beat you on #1 too, and I don't have a maid.

  3. I thought for sure the dreaded m word would make it somewhere on this list. 100+ words a minute is muy impressive.

  4. Good god you ARE a slob! Whatever!

    I've seen the typing first hand and I swear smoke comes off the womans fingers while she types - you cant even see her fingers moving!!

    I have nothing else to say :)

  5. you TOTALLY would have been a sorority girl! we would have loved someone like you :)

  6. What is this tagging stuff? Me no comprende.

    Cool list. Who needs college when you can get Dior shades just for blowing your husband? I'm just sayin.

  7. I feel you on #5. Although I went back to college and finally finished, it's just not the same. I totally missed out on "college life". You can still have the satisfaction of getting a degree (thanks to online classes) and I'd be in your cheering section at graduation if you did. :)

  8. I'm with Amber! And, I hear you on #1. Although, I don't have clutter, I just hate cleaning the bathroom, and that's even nastier.


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