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Friday, October 3, 2008

that's what i get

(this pic actually has nothing to do with this post, but i wanted to use it somehow)

so we've been encouraging the teen to get more active and involved and work on developing her friendships with the kids at her school. she's been rather stubborn about holding on to her old friends from elementary school, and i totally understand this. in fact, BFF is still her BFF, although she's gotten to know a good number of people at school over the last year.

i'd never been able to get the teen involved in any sports, dance, girl scouts or other similar extracurricular activities, simply because the ex was never willing to take her to meetings or practices. ugh. and so she's never really been exposed to team sports or anything like that - which i totally regret. but high school is a different story. that'll affect her future, and if he's still uncooperative, i'm going to push and push and push until he sees the light. no way am i going to allow him to jeopardize college and/or her future.

i was actually quite pleased to hear that she decided to attend the "welcome back" dance at school a couple of weeks ago. last year, she was really reluctant to join in any of the activities and only went to one dance. but she seems to be making an effort now - especially since i reminded her that she'll be going through high school with these same kids.

she's also been making quite an effort to eat healthier and be more physically active. we'd talked about how her p.e. class is a great way to do this, not to mention that it's one of the easiest classes to get a good grade in. and she's getting into it - she seems to be particularly fond of field hockey. i think it's become an outlet for her to get all her frustration and aggression out. ha!

but then yesterday, the phone rang, and i recognized the number as being from her school.

"hi, mrs. wan, this is the school nurse. i've got the teen here, and it looks like she twisted her ankle during p.e. we've tried icing it for a while, but she says she can't put any weight on it without it being pretty painful."

oh, dear.

i dropped what i was doing, scooped up the bean (poor thing, she'd been working on a nice, stinky poo and i didn't stop to change her first), and ran right out of the house. i called the ex on the way to the school to let him know, and he was just getting off of work and said he'd come to pick her up and take her to urgent care.

the teen grinned sheepishly at me when i burst in the door, sitting there in her p.e. clothes and holding an ice pack to her ankle. she said she'd really been into the hockey game, wasn't paying attention and got creamed by a girl on the other team as she ran towards the goal. yikes! the bean and i gave her a big hug, and when the student aid arrived with her backpack from the locker room, we helped her hippity-hop her way to the car.

we got to spend about an hour together before the ex came to pick her up. and when i called to check on her later, it turns out that she has a sprained tendon and is on crutches. oh, and she got herself a doctor's note excusing her from p.e. for three weeks.



  1. So very Gossip Girl, that field hockey.

    I send healing vibes.

  2. I am proud of the teen for going all the way with her effort. I hope she heals quickly and can ditch the crutches soon.

  3. She must have been playing hard to get so hurt. =) Hope she gets better soon.

  4. Didn't they ban field hockey as a sport like 30 years ago? What the hell?!

    Oh god crutches suck ass!

  5. I hated -- yes, hated -- p.e. class all my life.

    Hope the teen gets better quickly!

  6. Isn't now a great time to go to Disneyland because the Teen can go to front of the line?

  7. Poor teen ankle!!!!
    And you're totally right about her getting involved. When I worked for admissions we looked at three things in terms of extra curricular activites
    1) Length of time involved (4 years or 6 months)
    2) Amount of time involved (30 minutes a week or 16 hours a week)
    3) Rising to a leadership position (are you the president, or did you just join your senior year)

  8. Oh no!!! Poor thing!!! Hope she heals quickly!

  9. Aw, poor teen! That's great she has been making so much effort though -- shows a lot more proactive-ness than most kids her age... Or adults for that matter.

  10. i really hope she is feeling better, poor thing :(


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