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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

holy mother of poop, i am SUCH a sucker

the teen is kicking butt with her grades so far this year.

so i got my hands on two tickets to the jonas brothers concert in san diego next month. she doesn't know i bought them, but she knows about the show. and when report cards come out in the next week, as long as those grades are as good as they look right now, i'm taking her.

but then yesterday, i get an e-mail alert that they're doing a show at the newly-renovated hollywood palladium. and she happens to be home that weekend.

the hollywood show is
general admission only - no seats are assigned. shit. and the doors open at 5, with the show starting at 6. all ages admitted. the teen squealed "OMG, mom, we have to camp out so we can get close to the stage!"

i said "so, would you rather go to the san diego show with good seats, or the hollywood show and camp out?"

"CAMP OUT!!" she screamed.


i managed to get two tickets (presale is for fan club members only as of now, and we've already retrieved our two allotted passcodes for the year, with only two tickets left to purchase with the second code) just now, and so now it seems that i'll be
ebaying my san diego tickets. damn. they were pretty decent seats, too.

holy shit. can you see it? the teen and me, camping out in line on hollywood fucking boulevard. what the hell am i getting myself into? and then a crazed free-for-all once the doors open.

i'm going to shoot myself.


  1. Not before I shoot you.

    There is no question that good seats are preferable to camping out, only to be wedged standing amongst scores of other sweaty screaming tweens.

    General admission is Satan.


  2. Are you insane??????

    Don't give in; keep the SD tickets. General admission is going to be a nightmare.

  3. She's too young to know what's good! Hold on to the seats! Though she'll probably have the memory of camping out with her mother for the jonas bros for-eva.

  4. I had floor tickets to a Justin Timberlake concert at the Staples Center last year. Teenage girls clawing, pushing, jumping over people to get close to the front....Nightmare.

    A beer-guzzling twit standing next to me had to use the restroom but didn't want to leave and lose her place. So she hiked up her skirt, squatted down, and PEED.

    And it SPLATTERED.

    ON MY LEG.

    Let my catastrophe be a lesson to all. Guaranteed good seats is THE ONLY WAY.

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  6. 1 WORD:



  7. i gotta agree with the others. this does not sound fun, like at all. :/

    and yet, somehow, i'm guessing you guys are still going to do it. in which case, from venn's story, i'd advise you to wear waterproof pants.

  8. But it will make for a great blog the next day.

  9. I can not begin to tell the massive clusterfuck I envision for you and that's after sleeping on the cold concrete over night.

    Don't sell the tickets. You know you're going to both shows. ;)

  10. You are such the "coolest" mother!!! Man, I think that it's awesome that you and her are going to be camping out. Like one of your comments said, " she'll have the memory of you and her camping out forever!" Good luck to you!!! :P

  11. You are officially crazy. But, you are also officially the coolest mom. Can't wait for the recap post!

  12. oh man. that sounds like the seventh circle of hell. when you asked her what she preferred, did you reveal you had the tickets? maybe she didn't realize what you were trying to tell her and just said camp out because she's super excited about the idea. but if you camp out, i can't wait to hear the stories.

  13. I'm with R - I predict you'll be going to both concerts.

  14. you are nuts, but we already knew that.

    and yes, go out and buy yourself some waterproof pants, stat!


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