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Monday, October 27, 2008

weekend roundup

i met up with MommyBelle and her two mini sidekicks for a costco shopping trip and yummy, cheap lunch on friday. we strolled up and down the aisles, avoiding some areas that offered big ass displays of princess-related items (for obvious reasons), and ended at the food court for pizza and stuff. and when we were all done eating, LP dragged her mom off to the restroom, and i volunteered to keep an eye on LFM for her. i stuck the bean in the cart next to him, and busted out my trusty iPhone.


"heeeyyyyy...what's up, sweet thang?"

"you've got a little something right...there. here, let me get it for you."

"wait, is that all i get?"

"i think you two need a chaperone."


and then the long-awaited karaokefest '08 was on saturday night, organized by the one and only monkey. i'd missed it last year, with the birth of the bean, but i was bound and determined to make it this year. i'm not a great karaoke-er, as i have a pretty weak singing voice, but i sure love to participate in group singalongs.

usually, i'm all about snapping away with the camera, even if there are about half a dozen others who are doing the same thing, because i love to write my own blog recap about stuff. but i found myself having so much fun that i didn't even bother with it on saturday - and besides, there's already an awesome post about it by our hostess. yay!

sunday found us down at the beach, meeting up with my family at the folks' house for lunch. and then while the hub, my brother, and BIL took the bean for a walk down at the beach, the rest of us relaxed on the comfy couches and shot the shit for a while. it was a nice way to cap off the weekend, and we all enjoyed catching up with each other.

the bean is a sneaky little shit. we have a little area set up for her, with the tile floor covered in squishy playroom mats, with a couch on two sides, a baby gate set up along another side, and the gap between the couches closed off by the ottoman/coffee table thingy. this way, she has freedom to walk around and play with her toys, while the rest of the room is closed off (where the dog's food and water and potty pads are set up).

but she's figured me out. she climbs up onto the couch:

swings her legs over the other side:

makes her landing on the other side, grabbing ahold of the magazine rack to steady herself:


oy vey. and do you SEE that mischievous little grin on her face? when she sees that i've caught on to her little game, she squeals with laughter and makes a run for that doggy dish. it's hilarious.

every day is an adventure in the wan house, i tell ya.


  1. It looks like there is a silver car in the food court of Costco.

  2. I love your little tyke so much. It's really weird. ;)

  3. Hahaha, the bean is one smart little girl.

  4. the pics of the bean and LFM literally made me lol!

  5. LFM is too cute! you might want to start planning the wedding now...just sayin'.

  6. Oh, you are going to have your hands full. A looker and a thinker! ;)

  7. Love the caps for the Costco story.

    Is it just me or is the Bean getting cuter every time you post pics.

  8. ohhh, they are so cute! Hard to believe that they are only two months apart.

  9. She is such a smart cookie! And, the bangs are looking really cute!


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