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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more teen awesomeness

i opened an envelope from the teen's school last week and found a flyer advertising space in this year's yearbook to post a baby picture and a message. she's in her last year of middle school (!) and, like lots of schools, the yearbook has a section dedicated to the graduating 8th grade class.

of course, i jumped at the opportunity to cheese it up. you know this. i dug up one of her old modeling shots from back in the day, scanned it in, and sat down to write a message. and how much do you love this picture?

i was torn - sentimental, funny, cheesy? all of the above? and then i decided to be a little silly and write something that she would crack up at in future years - a reference to her love for nick jonas. she swears up and down that that love will "neeeever die, mom," but we all know how that goes, right? like, i managed to get over my undying devotion to duran duran - simon le bon, to be specific. heh.

and i'm SO fucking proud of that girl - as i mentioned before, the first quarter of the school year ended on friday. and according to her progress reports online, i'm the uber proud parent of an honor roll student! it's the first time she's managed to get grades good enough for the honor roll, and i'm just so proud. although he's giddy and proud too, the hub balked at the idea of putting the bumper sticker on the car, but i'm going to find a way to put that shit up somehow. she worked too damn hard for me not to.

i can't wait for that report card to come in the mail. i'm totally going to frame that thing and put it up on her wall. oh! maybe i'll get a shadowbox so i can throw that "my kid is on the honor roll" sticker up in the mix, too.

ah, i can see her eyes rolling already.


  1. She may roll your eyes at you, but there was nothing more that my brother and I craved growing up.

    And we never got it.

    We had dinner on Monday, and we talked about how our parents were "praise-withholders." We actually remember the times when they told us "good job" or "I'm proud of you" because they were so rare.

    Both of us can count those times on one hand.

    The topic came up because my dad told me I should be proud of my accomplishments on Sunday.

    That was Moment of Praise #4.

    And, at age 31, I cried happy tears as I drove home.

  2. okay, i'm making the biggest sad face at weemo's comment :(

    for another perspective, i was always expected to get good grades/do well in school (like, i think my parents would have had a heart attack if i ever hadn't made the honor roll), BUT i was also praised for doing well at the same time. the feel good vibes are what help you stay motivated to keep doing well.

    i want to read the dedication you wrote for her yearbook. i'm sure it's most excellent :)

  3. I'll admit I rolled my eyes a bit at the entry, but then I was put in check by weemo's comments.

    praise and sticker away!

  4. ohhh, weemo! i cried reading your comment! i am proud of you. it doesn't count like a parents' pride, though, i know.

    now back to regularly scheduled silliness: dude, simon le bon is so 50 years old now.

    and oh my god puhleeze mention her love for nick jonas. my middle school crush was keanu reeves. wait a second, i still love him.

  5. PS maybe if i ever have children in the future, you should have them for me. i'm pretty much guaranteed a gorgeous babe for a kid.

  6. I think I lived in WeeMo's house. The first time my dad ever told me he was proud of me was September, 2008......

  7. My dad put every one of those stickers on his car, no matter how cheesy it looked. And as much as it annoyed me, it also made me happy since he never, ever verbalized pride in me.

    So...do both. The teen will remember and blog about it in 10 years. :)

  8. If you don't wanna mess up the car, how about put the sticker on a sheet of magnet, then stick the magnet on your car?

  9. Yay, teen! Seriously, you have beautiful babies. Too much adorableness in one family.

  10. OMG, if Lil Man got on the Honor Roll you know I'd have that on my car, make a shirt, fly a flag from my front door, and make a general fool of myself over it. I know, a slight exaggeration but you get my meaning. Maybe you can make it into a window cling somehow and put it up. Shoot, there's nothing wrong with tape in the back window. ;) Yay teen!!

  11. I am cracking up over here that people are encouraging the bumper stickerage!

  12. I think the bumper stickering is a must. Make it a window clingy thing or a magnet..whatever...but I bet it'll mean the world to the teen if you display it somehow.

    Also, I wonder how long this Jonas Bros. crazy will last. You know it's gotta end soon...wouldn't it be hilarious of she's over them by the end of the school year and then you have this year book ad all about her love for brother Jonas.

  13. LOVE the pic! And, the teen is such a smartie! Many congrats to her for the honor roll!


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