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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

playing dress-up

so, halloween is now just a few days away. my emo, anti-pink teen, after mulling over a zillion different choices, settled on a fairy costume. a FAIRY. i love it. she already had a tutu that she'd bought at last year's l.a. county fair, and decided to build her costume around that.

after a trip to the local costume shop for wings, a wand, and a tiara, plus target for some tights, and then payless shoes for ballet slippers, she modeled part of it for me:

that knee brace is the bane of her existence right now - it doesn't fit under her super skinny jeans, and it doesn't make sense to wear it over them. so she's had to settle for wearing some of her older jeans that aren't quite as slim-cut. poor baby. heh.

and i'd said all along that the bean was going to make use of that birthday tutu and slippers and be a ballerina. and i was going to stick to it - but the other day, an idea popped into my head and i couldn't make it go away. with her new 'do, there was one costume that would be absolutely perfect for this halloween:

snow white!

so yesterday, after gymboree class, i hightailed it over to the nearest mall and headed for the disney store. i knew they had all of their costumes on sale for at least 40% off, and i danced a little happy dance when i walked in and found that they'd increased the discount to 50%! i managed to find the costume, plus matching shoes, and walked out a happy camper. unfortunately, both items are a size too big, but this way she'll have them to play with next year when she gets a little older.

at home, i decided to have her do a test run, just to see exactly how the dress would fit. and i was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually fit quite well! pardon the crappy iPhone pics. and the bedhead mop o'hair. oh, and the jammies she's rockin' under there.

all she needs now is a red headband. maybe i'll just use a red ribbon, because those plastic headbands tend to hurt after a while. and how funny are these shoes??

now, i'm off to sew the ribbons onto the teen's ballet slippers. with pink slippers and purple tights, i'm at a loss as to what color ribbon to use, but i'll come up with something.

yay, halloween is fun again!


  1. OMG the perfect costume to go with her new do.

  2. Love both of the costumes. They're so gonna rake in that candy.

  3. A fairy?! Really?!? Wow. She's is definitely stepping out. :) Funny, at that Halloween party I went to a couple dressed as Emo teens.

  4. Where is the teen going to where her costume??

  5. Both very cute costumes.

  6. Really, really cute. I'd like an order of both of those, please. =)

  7. those shoes are too much! love that you're working the new 'do for the bean's costume.

    i'm also giggling at "fairy princess" teen!

  8. The bean makes a perfect Snow White!

    What is the teen going to do with her Halloween? I remember my 8th grade Halloween. We just walked around a friend's neighborhood wreaking havoc...I remember a guy friend of mine peeing on someone's door who didn't leave out candy.

  9. The teen and the bean look SO cute! Have fun tomorrow!

  10. Both costumes are totally adorable!


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