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Thursday, October 9, 2008

getting inside the bean's head

why does that woman insist on buying me pajamas with snacks all over them? i can't eat them. ooh, the camera's pointed at me!

i wish i had some friends to send text messages to. what the hell, i'll just delete all of the ones in here.

why the hell did mom feed me so dang late tonight? oh, but i got a cookie. i like coo....zzzzzzzz.

maybe if i sit here really quietly, nobody'll notice that i figured out how to climb up onto the couch.

hey! what's that dog doing all the way over there?

closer...closer...damn. she's asleep.

screw it. i'm outta here. there's lots of other stuff to mess with over there.

if i just turn around, i won't fall on my head and freak anybody out.

wait, i'm tired. lemme just put my head down for a second.

okay, i'll start with one leg.

hey! cheerios!

success! and i didn't even wake the dog up. whoo-hoo! now, where's my snack?

yeah, yeah, that was lame. but the bean learned how to climb up onto the couch last week (and surprisingly, how to get back down safely) and i wanted to post some pictures of it. and the other night, i watched her go from munching on dessert to falling asleep, right in her high chair. the hub and the teen just shook their heads and snorted as i tiptoed over with the camera in hand.

hey, you only get one chance to take a picture (or twelve, if you're me). i don't know why i have to keep beating this into their little peabrains.


  1. I get the picture thing. :)

    I now have two pics of The Bean on my office bulletin board. Everybody thinks she's so cute.

  2. on the last picture, molly is thinking, "i hope the bean doesn't realize i'm now awake. i can pretend to be asleep again . . . but i better keep one eye open, just in case."

  3. yep, still love this post. cheese and all.

  4. this post is so cute... and i guarantee you'll never regret taking too many pictures. especially in the digital age!

  5. I really enjoy seeing the bean develop and learn, as I have no babies to interact with IRL. She's the perfect amount of baby for me right now. =)

  6. 1. Aw, such a cute post.
    2. I like the Bean's pjs.
    3. Poor Molly looks tired. :)

  7. In the last couple of pics, the bean is starting to bear a resemblance to the teen...which must mean they're both looking more and more like you!

  8. it's been a rough week. i really needed a laugh.

    thanks :)

  9. She is so cute on the couch pictures... lovely chill little bean :)


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