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Thursday, October 23, 2008

a whole lotta randomness for terrific thursday

it's been three weeks since the teen sprained her ankle playing field hockey during p.e. class. she hobbled around on crutches for a week, per the doc's instructions, and popped advil whenever the pain hit. the ankle's better, but she told me yesterday that the pain had moved up to her knee. weird, right? so i got her a doctor's appointment for first thing this morning. she was stoked to be missing science class, and most likely part of english, too. heh.

we enjoyed a nice, leisurely morning (well, as leisurely as you can get with an extra hour) before heading down to the local kaiser clinic. there, she was weighed and measured and the usual crap they do when you see a doc. and then we were led into the same exam room that she got all those shots in.

"this room brings back bad memories, mom. i'm traumatized!" my drama queen teen said.

she was given a gown because her damn skinny jeans were too tight for the doc to be able to check her knee properly. haha! and she was thoroughly annoyed by my singing: "i see london, i see france, i see the teen's underpants!" yes, i'm 8.

while we waited to be seen, the bean squirmed and wiggled till i put her down so she could explore a bit.

more of that lovely kaiser wall decor.

the verdict: the pain in her knee has nothing to do with her ankle. apparently, it's a common condition with a long name: patellofemoral pain syndrome. basically, it's knee pain caused by overuse, weak quads, or problems with the way the kneecap moves. the doc said she thought it was most likely from overuse (i smirked, as did the teen, because it's not like she's in sports or anything), and told her to pop ibuprofen and put on one of those stretchy knee braces with a hole in it when she felt pain.

as the teen put her pants back on, the doc wrote up a note excusing her from p.e. class for another week, and that was that.

so i've never brought a camera into gymboree class with the bean. how very unlike me, right? but at tuesday's class, we found out that one of her little friends was moving out of state and that was his last class. so sad! his mom is really sweet, and this little boy was always so adorable and smiley. i'm bummed to see them go.

finding a new boy to play with (okay, actually, we've known this cutie for quite a while now, too, and his mom is also really friendly and sweet).

bubble time!

hiding from "gymbo the clown" - at the end of the class, the teacher walks around and gives all the kids kisses from gymbo. the bean is not a kissy kinda kid - not with anyone. she turns away from us when we go to kiss her, and sometimes she'll even shoo us away with her hands. gymbo is no exception.

look, it's the bean's first class picture!

i made dinner again last night, and this time it was memphis-style ribs with homemade sauce. i meant to make some coleslaw, too, but somehow managed to get home without the cabbage i could swear i'd tossed into the cart. oh, well. instead, i whipped up a batch of red lobster-style cheddar biscuits and even a batch of sweet tea, and it was all dee-lish!

i treated myself to this little set of philosophy products at sephora. i guess it's a bit of wishful thinking, as it's called "warm by the fire" - it's so damn hot right now, and it's damn near november! ugh.

anyway, inside is a 4 oz. bottle of philosophy's fab 3-in-1 shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath in "hot cocoa," a tube of body souffle in "melting marshmallow cream," and lip gloss in "ooey gooey s'mores." and it all smells divine.

lastly, the bean decided to pluck my sunglasses (yup, i'm still sporting the old, beat-up pair - haven't had the chance to scoop up the promised pair from that interview transcription yet) off of my face. i put them on her, which she seemed to think was pretty funny. and so did i:

yay for terrific thursday!


  1. Ok, now that you've mentioned it twice, I have to say something.

    Those animation cels are actually damn expensive and somewhat rare. They probably cost a lot more than the decor in most offices.

  2. ::sigh::

    I'd like to live your life. wanna switch?

  3. looks like the bean really enjoys gymboree :)

  4. She is super stylin' in her (your) shades.

    Um...how did the teen manage to get a long gown? No fair.

  5. I wish I was in gymboree class instead of work.

  6. What a huge spread! It all sounds so good!

  7. I don't blame the bean for not wanting to kiss the clown. Clowns are scarrrrry.


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