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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

still recovering from the weekend

our shoot with crissy on sunday was really, really fun. we were also really, really tired, having gotten up at 5:30 that morning for the choc walk, but it was totally worth it.

planet wan, sadly, did not disappear in time, despite my last-minute purchase on saturday of eradiKate, a magical drying potion created just for such a purpose. today, however, planet wan is a mere memory - of course, not in time for the photo shoot, but i think it'll be okay - crissy didn't shoot any close-ups. she is an angel of mercy, that christine farah. i love her for many reasons.

of course, we followed our pattern from previous shoots and donned matching outfits - white button-down shirts, jeans, and chucks. booooring, right? but that's okay. it worked out fine, and the sneak peeks that crissy showed me on her camera were lovely. we ended up shooting at the arboretum in arcadia, which was a location i'd eyed before but nixed due to the fee they charge for photography. i should've known better - we just arrived separately from crissy and her hilarious hub, met at the cafe, and went from there.

although when we went in to buy our admission tickets, the girl eyed the bean's tutu, on a hanger in my hand, and said "you can't take that in. outfit changes are considered professional photography and we'll have to charge you the fee. she has to wear it or you have to leave it in the car." oy vey. so i plucked it off the hanger and slid it right over the bean's skinny jeans and chucks, and we were golden. so freaking dumb.

highlights of the shoot included the many peacocks, lots and lots of laughter with crissy, and cracking up at her hub's attempts to catch the bean's attention and get her to smile. stupidly, we had none of her toys in my bag, and the best we could do was her purple comb. so he'd run back and forth, jumping up and down, and waving that thing. he was the cah-razy comb man. it was hilarious.

i cannot wait to see how the rest of the pics turned out. it's going to be hard to pick one for the christmas card, but it'll be great. poor crissy - our shoot was probably a lot more traditional and posed than she cares for, but she was a good sport and i know we'll have a lot of awesome shots for our annual holiday family gifts, as well as to frame for ourselves.

at home, after the bean had a nice, relaxing bath, the teen popped a cute little clip in her hair and we had fun with the camera.

it'd been a long day. she was so tired (as were we), and had gotten up so early that morning, that she dropped off to sleep around 6:30, skipping dinner entirely. and she stayed asleep till 7:00 the next morning. whew! she was one exhausted little bean, bless her heart.

yesterday, we met my friend MommyBelle and her two wee ones at the mall. we had lunch in the food court, and i discovered that the bean likes noodles. whee!

LP, being a typical precocious 3-year-old who makes up her own mind as to what she wants to wear, chose to put on some purple shorts, a tee, and a pink princess beanie.

i made a really delicious dinner last night straight from the pages of the current rachael ray magazine. in fact, i decided to be suzy homemaker and planned home cooked dinners for every night this week and hit up the grocery store to buy all the ingredients. good gracious, groceries have really gotten expensive. i spent $150, although that's still cheaper than going out. but wow - big price increases. on everything. damn.

anyway, last night's dinner was mozzarella "steaks" with crispy salami salad. yeah, fried cheese. it sounds healthy, no? but hey, whatever - it was so delicious. if you're so inclined, the recipe is here. and yeah, i stole this pic from the site. i didn't have time to take a picture of my version, but it didn't look much different from this anyway.

after dinner and a bath, the bean fell asleep early-ish again last night. and the teen just about peed herself when i remarked that she bore a slight resemblance to lord farquaad from the shrek movies.

that's all i got.


  1. I just about peed myself too! Hilarious. I can't wait to see your pictures from Crissy! I'm sure they'll be very cute. :)

  2. That is too, too funny!!

  3. I can't wait to see the photos from Crissy! Seriously, I'm sure Crissy will magically get rid of the planet if it's visible at all.

  4. Oh my gosh..the bean does not look like Lord Farquaad, lol. You know, I'm liking her hair cut more and more with each picture...very cute...still mad that the dummy didn't cut it like you wanted, but it really does look sweet.

  5. so you all wore white shirts for a photo shoot??? please make me feel better that my fiance is probably going to wear a white shirt for our engagement pictures this weekend! a few bloggers expressed concern with wearing white shirts for pics!

  6. I just fell in love with the bean a little more in that last picture. so sweet.

  7. i bet the photos turn out great! i like the bean with the clip in her hair - very sweet.

  8. love the haircut, she is too cute!

  9. Cannot wait to see the pics! LOVE the red & green converse!

  10. I love the bean's sleeping pic! My girls look the same, and I must admit that I can't stop myself from kissing them...all over all over! And if I'm lucky, they stay asleep! It's the best, wouldn't you say?


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