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Thursday, October 30, 2008

houston, we have a problem.

last night, i witnessed absolute proof that the bean is totally a mommy's girl. i was treated to a demonstration of what happens when i'm gone (usually having some "me" time with the girls) at night, when it's bedtime.

i was doing some work while the hub took charge of getting her to sleep, and she was being extra squirmy - wiggling and turning to look at me with pleading eyes. she would reach out towards me, wailing and waving, and the hub would just hold her closer and try to calm her down. after a little while, the wailing and waving turned into all-out bawling.

and then came the most distressing crying that i've ever heard out of her. it was angry, screeching, screaming - so unlike the sweet, peaceful bean i'm used to - and the hub turned to me and said "this is what it's like when you're gone."

that stopped me in my tracks. the bean cried like that while i was out having a good time? i was so upset by this - you know what's coming - that it made me cry, too. of course, i tried to hide this from the hub, but with my lack of long hair to hide behind, it wasn't long before he looked over and realized that the waterworks were on in two places.

when he finally gave up and put her in my arms, she stopped. immediately. she looked up at me, touched my face, gave a few of those insanely sad shuddering breaths, and i melted. i started nursing her and she was asleep almost within seconds.

oh mah gah. i don't know how i'm going to be able to leave her behind the next time i have an evening outing. i will, of course, because i need the time away and she needs to learn how to deal without me around, but now i've seen what actually happens. yikes.


  1. See, it worries me that I wouldn't feel that way if I had a child.

    Because you should feel that way.

    You are an amazing mom.

  2. That face! How could you deny that face anything?

  3. Aww!

    And your husband is definitely a keeper for dealing with both of you crying :)

  4. eek! :/ yeah, she is gonna have to learn to be okay without you, but i don't envy you having to help her learn that lesson :(

  5. What's going to happen when she has to go to school?

  6. omg your poor husband. Go give him some lovin.

  7. Oy vey, so it doesn't get better once they're one? I'm on week 4 of the cries and it's already so wearing on me!

    Maybe next time let the hubs put her down while you are home... so she can get used to it.

    Good luck, mamacita ;)

  8. I'm agreeing with S ^, maybe bedtime could be a special time for the hubs and the Bean only? Or does she fall asleep nursing?

  9. Just the decription of the bean crying makes me sad.


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