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Friday, October 17, 2008

the bean STILL has a big ass nugget.

the bean's one-year checkup was this morning. and of course, knowing that needles were going to be a part of the routine, i was all nervous and stuff. the hub, of course, laughed at me as i hugged the bean close, as if to protect her from what was to come.

she thought it was great fun to rip up the paper that covered the table in the exam room. and i covered up her lady bits, 'cause you know...

this is kaiser's sad attempt at decorating those boring exam room walls.

before the doc arrived to check her out.

the stats:

she weighs 20.8 pounds, which puts her in 36% of growth percentile based on other kids her age. although the doc said this wasn't really anything to worry about - the average 1-year-old is only 21.8 pounds. big whoop. 1 pound. and she's 2'5", which is only 1 inch less than the average. this puts her in 39% of growth percentile for length. but again, she's got a big ass head - 64% of growth percentile. my kid's got a bigger-than-average nugget. shocker. hey, you've gotta have extra room for all that cuteness. heh.

somehow, i magically had to go to the bathroom as we were waiting for the nurse to come in and administer the FOUR shots the bean had to have today. i was actually prepared to wait it out, but the hub gave me an exasperated look and said "go. just GO." muahahahahaha.

that nurse must've been around the corner as i walked out, because i was just getting down to business when i heard the bean cry out. my heart just melted and i rushed through washing my hands and getting outta there, but as i opened the door, the hub was already walking out of the exam room, with tears rolling down the bean's face.

two in one arm, and one in each leg. ouch.

as the hub took off for work, the bean and i headed to target, which is just down the street. i strapped her in the carrier, and she drifted off blissfully into a nap as we walked through the store. and she looked so peaceful that i didn't want to move her into the car seat, so i put the bags in the car and headed towards the nail salon across the parking lot. whee! i was way overdue for a pedicure, and i sank happily into the chair and turned on the massage function.

the bean woke up as my toes were getting polished, and she was quiet and curious as she looked around at the smiling faces in the salon. i'm pretty lucky in that i can take her with me for things like that, and when she's in the carrier with the hood on, most folks hardly realize i've got a person strapped to me while being attended to. ha!

she got right back into climbing up onto the couch and torturing mollydog when we got home, so i think she's gonna be just fine. what shots?

oh - yesterday, we tried out a different class at gymboree. she's outgrown her current class level, but the classes in the next level up are all on bad days/times for us. boo. so when i saw this "multi-level" class, i decided to give it a shot.

it was full of older kids, with the one kid closest to her age still 4 months ahead. boo. she was pretty overwhelmed at the rambunctiousness and activity of the class, so we won't be going back. but she got a stamp on her hand at the end of the class, which she found...well, i'll let this picture tell you what she thought of it.

i'm looking forward to the weekend - fun at the choc walk with the teen, the bean's first haircut, and our photo shoot with crissy! i can't wait. it's going to be a jam-packed couple of days, and that's okay. bring it on!


  1. Jeez she's cute!

    By the way, the title of the post while after reading I understand as big-ass nugget, I read as big ass-nugget and I was scared.

  2. (1) The Bean is brave. That's a lot of shots!
    (2) My nieces loooooooved that edible bubble-blowing machine from gymboree. I tasted a bubble once and thought it was nasty.

  3. I love the Bean's incredibly expressive expressions. So many shots -- poor thing!

  4. Ugh. Shots are the worst for the little ones. Lil Man doesn't cry or fight about them anymore, but I still remember.

    Bean's face over that stamp cracks me up!

  5. I too thought "ass nugget" meant something way more unpleasant.

    Big-ass nugget is okay. It means she has a big brain.

    Big ass-nugget is NOT okay. It means pain. Lots and lots of pain.

  6. Physical percentiles mean nothing. Brother Monkey was in the 0th (yes, zero with a "th") percentile in weight and height probably through first grade.

    The real percentile rankings that matter are test scores. ;)

  7. #1) at least she is on the growth chart! we're still cruising a 1/4 inch above it - 30.57 lbs & 34" at a year

    #2) of course she has big nugget - have you met her father? :)

  8. Have you tried My Gym? I like it way better then Gymboree and they are very developmentally correct and way fun!

  9. I gotta admit that I read it as "ass-nugget" too...so I was definitely curious to find out what an ass-nugget actually was, lol.

    The Bean is precious. LG has always been in 30-40 growth percentiles for weight too. I think as long as they're consistent then they don't really care where they are on the scale.

  10. I LOVE her hair like that. It's getting so long.

    The Bean is a good sport. I'd never let them give me 4 shots. Someone would have bite marks up and down their arms.

  11. poor little thing :(

    my pediatrician was an amateur photographer on the side, so the walls of his practice were filled with his pictures of animals from his trips to africa. yeah, it was freaking amazing! i'm sorry kaiser's decor isn't quite as fabulous.

  12. I just don't understand the whole injecting shots into something that size. Seems horrifying. Anyway. Glad she got over it fast and you squeezed in a pedi!


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