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Thursday, November 6, 2008

and in other news

amongst all of the excitement and emotions of the last few days, i haven't had the chance to show off my girls' newest accomplishments.

remember the bean and her upcoming stint as the face of the holiday nest baby shop? well, the website has been updated, and her little face is now featured on the homepage. look:

whee! i love it.

and as for the teen? well, THE report card finally came:

and inside the envelope was a note that invited her to join the school's honor society. we're not too sure what exactly that entails, but she's going to find out. there's a meeting this afternoon after school, and despite her protests of "mooooom, i bet that thing's full of all the losers!" she'll be attending. i asked her to go and see what it's all about, and to give it a chance. i mean, come on - maybe it WILL have some nerds in it, but at the same time, it might end up being a portal to new friends and getting involved in some activities. did you have something like this in middle school? i don't remember, but then again, my grades weren't all that great. heh.

and last night, there was a meeting in the library to discuss the 8th grade trip to washington, d.c. over spring break. at first, she was all "but that'll totally eat up my whole spring break, mom!" but then we learned that they leave the friday before vacation and return on tuesday evening. she'd still have at least half of the week left to screw around.

the trip sounds really cool - they get to see all of the major attractions over the course of four days. they'll have a privately chartered bus, a tour guide, admission to all attractions, airfare, hotel rooms (4 students to a room, with the chaperones in separate rooms - she dug that idea), and all meals for one price. and it's a hell of a deal. shit, i want to go!

anyway, there are 40 openings, and applications are due next friday. once they receive all of the applications, they'll pluck out all of the incomplete applications, weed out the ones who don't qualify (they've got to have a GPA of at least 2.5 - psh, the teen qualifies, no problem), and then choose them randomly. yikes. i really hope she gets in, because now she's excited at the prospect of going. we'll find out the week before thanksgiving break.

yay for my two beautiful, smart daughters!


  1. Hooray for the bean and teen! My 8th grade Washington DC trip never happened because some dumbass kid got himself hurt on the trip the year before us.

  2. Congrats to both girls!

    Everyone who went on the 8th grade DC trip LOVED it. I was so sad I didn't go. They all made friendships that lasted throughout high school.

  3. hey now, i was totally a nerd in school! tell her nerds wind up being cool peeps. :)

    i really hope she gets picked for the washington d.c. trip!

  4. Go teen! That's kick ass. Tell her to stop being so grumpy about the honor's society. They're not all nerds. She was, after all, invited. ;) I hope she gets to go on the trip. It'd be the experience of a lifetime. I want to go too!

    Yay Bean! :)

  5. It's about darn time they put the bean's photo up! That seems so long ago...

    And congrats to the Teen!

  6. If only the teacher that commented "well-motivated" knew the Jonas brothers were behind that motivation!

  7. We used to do the Teen's fieldtrip every year at my Jr. High and High School. There were always a ton of shenanigans.

  8. Wow, the bean is famous! She is so cute!!

    The middle school I attended and the one I taught at both had Beta Club for smart 8th graders...probably like this honor society she's been invited to join. Beta Club is service related though, not sure about this one she's going to do. I wonder if every 8th grade class in America goes to D.C. every year...b/c mine did when I was in 8th grade as did the one at the school I taught at. It was a big deal when I as in school, because the year my class went a kid in our group got mugged. It was the talk of the school. Parents for years after wouldn't let their kids go on the trip. Me? My mom wouldn't let me go to begin with...I was so upset. I hope she's able to do it. What a neat learning experience.

  9. Ohhhh, LFM's girlfriend is famous!! I told him and he is excited :)

    Tell teen to keep her arse in gear...good girl! and not to worry about the nerds, she knows how to handle them since her mom is the biggest one we know! hahahahahah! :) (love you)

  10. I went to DC with my 8th grade class! but I was (still am?) a nerd.

  11. Congrats to both girls!!! Washington, D.C. will be awesome!


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