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Thursday, November 20, 2008

day two of nothingness

hmmm. is that even a word? well, if it wasn't before, it is now.

seriously, folks, my life is so blah right now. i guess that's better than having any bad shit going on, though, right? i mean, really - the most exciting thing i've got going on right now is listing my unused baby carriers on craigslist. i have so many of them (um, and i just acquired yet another one), and they're just sitting around, unloved and unused.

i've also finally put up the bassinet attachment for the stroller on there. my original plan was to use this in the bedroom when the bean was a wee one, but the hub nixed that idea real quick.

"you want to put the stroller in our room? that's ghetto."

so this thing has been sitting in the closet for months. i'd tossed the box and receipt, so i couldn't return it. hey, it's made a cool drawer in the hallway closet for my towels.

in other news, i thought i was going to be able to share a fun story about taking the teen to a midnight showing tonight of "twilight" - but the hub voiced his concerns about the two of us being out after midnight by ourselves, and so i decided not to go after all. instead, i'll take her when i pick her up next week, the day before thanksgiving. the custody agreement grants me her time from 4pm that day until 4pm thanksgiving day. sweet.

god, i'm boring. i better quit while i'm ahead and take winnie's advice - here's a couple of cute shots that the teen took a couple of days ago of the bean.

hey, at least i can provide a happy ending to an otherwise lame-dash-o post.


  1. um, i'll trade you some of my craziness for some some your nothingness. :)

  2. I'm SO excited for Twilight tonight! Sorry you have to wait :( Thankfully we have seats at arclight, so hopefully we won't have to line up too early.

    I will buy your stuff. My preggo coworker's shower is in 3 weeks.

  3. At least you found a good use for the bassinet.

    Right now I'm enjoying the calm. Next week will be crazy since it's a short wk.

  4. See! Totally cute post ;-) I'm seeing Twilight on Sunday. Hurray!

  5. It's a good thing to sell it if you're not using it. I am praying someone will buy my wedding dress. =) Love the pictures!!

  6. I could use some nothing right now.

    I'll be seeing Twilight on Saturday. Can't wait!

    Bean cuteness is always a good ending. :)

  7. Hey girl! Where is your Craigs link for the Baby carries? I need to buy a couple of those for my friend who just had a baby girl on Tuesday! :) Email me: Lilylover77@gmal.com

  8. If you have a Carrier that is for a boy or a neutral color, please email me ivyqdo@gmail.com.

  9. Oh my gosh, those photos of the Bean are so cute! She's gorgeous!


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