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Saturday, November 8, 2008

a FSIL for me!

for those of you who aren't all up in the family-related acronym mix, that stands for "future sister-in-law."

because as of this week, their TENTH date-aversary, my brother and O are, at long last, engaged!

they've dropped hints for months about it, and seeing that they're joined at the hip, this comes as no big surprise to any of us. it was really just a matter of timing. and i knew their anniversary was this month, so i must confess that i did have (as i'm sure other family members must have) an inkling that it would be any day now.

and props to my brother, as he managed to accomplish this on the d/l - O says she didn't see it coming. yay! he took her on a trip up the coast, splurged on the fabulous ritz carlton at half moon bay, and (i'm assuming) dropped to one knee and popped the question.

i'm so happy and excited for them! and of course, you know how much j'adore weddings. especially when the couple is one i love so much. yay!

congrats, guys! can't wait to toast to the engagement - soon!


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