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Monday, November 24, 2008

this time, the mail = epic FAIL.

the teen turned in her application for the washington, d.c. trip with her school for spring break last week.

the lucky travelers were going to be selected randomly from the pile.

on friday, letters went out to all 120 applicants. for 40 spots. the teen only had a 1-in-3 shot at being included.

i just ripped open the self-addressed envelope, and as you can tell from the subject line, the letter began with the word "unfortunately."

dammit. she's gonna be bummed.

a small part of me is kind of, sort of selfishly excited because this means that WE'LL take her to d.c. for spring break instead. but i really wanted her to have the experience with her classmates, on her own, with no parents. boo. now if we're lucky, some kids will bail and she'll get a second chance.

cross yer fingers.


  1. It was random?
    That's stupid.
    It should've been competition!

    The word verification for this comment is "curbula." I think it's funny, but I'm not sure why.

  2. Oh man! Hopefully someone else backs out and she gets to go. That would be so great.

  3. That is lame! Boo.

    Hopefully someone does drop out.

  4. That sucks. They need to up the GPA to 3.0 and weed out the ppl who don't deserve to go.

  5. aw, man! crossing my fingers someone bails so she can go!

  6. Aw, I hope she can go after all, but DC is fun no matter who you go with..I want to go back.
    Stupid mail today.

  7. I'm selfishly hoping that you'll take her to DC :)

  8. Honor Roll kids should definitely have priority, but I'm sure the teen would love going out there with you even more. The advantage of going with a school group is the group rates. Maybe you could talk to the teacher in charge of the trip and see if there are any special contacts he/she could share with you for tours and stuff.

  9. Why don't you take her to someplace fun instead - like Disneyworld!


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