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Saturday, November 22, 2008

endless pride

i opened the mail yesterday and squealed when i unfolded this:

hell yeah!

now i've gotta hit up michael's for a magnet cartridge for my trusty xyron machine. hmm, maybe i'll laminate it, too. and then this baby's getting slapped on my hoopdie. oh, yes.

i'm so proud of the teen. yay!


  1. A gleaming BMW X5 is not a hooptie.

    I'd Scotch-tape it to the inside of a window.

  2. Be careful with the magnet. I could see a non-honor student stealing it.

  3. congrats to the teen. Those Jonas concerts are totally worth it.

  4. I hope the Bean's Gymboree class hands out stickers also, or I see some sibling rivalry in the near future :)

  5. Whee! Congrats to the Teen!

    But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop rolling my eyes at the JoBros general admissions concert :)

  6. *Doing the happy mom dance!* Go teen, go!


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