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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the dream is over...for now

i hadn't talked about it here for fear of jinxing it, but we've been househunting for the last few weeks. well, we've always had an eye out for homes in the neighborhoods we like, but only recently did we get serious about it. like, we went and got preapproved for a mortgage and submitted a few offers and errrrrythang.

but after dealing with one very greedy/unethical/redonkulous realtor who is unfortunately really big in the area -don'teverdealwithmartyrodriguezyouwillbesorry - along with a handful of other reasons, we've decided to put the whole homebuying thing on hold for a while. it sucks a lot, as we really liked the house we were eyeing, but i'm trying to focus on the positives. you know, like the fact that it's totally a buyer's market and there's a good possibility that it will be even better next year. and not having to move while getting ready for the holidays. and packing! good lord, i hate packing. i know we'll have to do it when we do finally end up moving, but for now i'm happy not to have to deal with it.

i also have to admit that this most recent mortgage bailout plan is rather off-putting. i realize that it will help a lot of folks who are struggling and facing foreclosure, but i know so many folks who have been absolutely killing themselves, working as much as possible and sacrificing family time, to make their mortgage payments. and when the banks finally roll out a plan to "help out," it's for the folks who are at minimum 3 months behind? how is that fair? it almost sends a message like "yeah, just turn your back on your obligations, stop paying, live rent/mortgage-free, and then we'll swoop in and help you out, no problem." oh, well. if it will help people save their homes and not leave the banks stuck with a crapload of properties to liquidate, that's cool. i guess.

on a happier note, the bean and i went to mickey d's yesterday to pick up some lunch. and to keep her occupied, i gave her the happy meal box to hold and look at while we drove home. she was all smiles as she turned it around and around and shook it and stuff, and i had fun watching her in the mirror.

of course, i've gotta drive, so i can't watch her the whole time. and as we came to a stop at a red light, i glanced back into the mirror. i totally cracked up when i saw this:

the little shit had managed to poke through a perforated section of the box and wiggle her fingers right into that box of chicken mcnuggets. i guess she was hungry.

as she heard me start busting up with laughter, she looked up at me:

and, being the generous little bean that she is, offered me a bite.

highlight of my day, i tell ya.


  1. She's sort of like that squirrel who gnawed through the bag to get to tasty vittles.

  2. When we were looking for a house (same area as you) we saw his name and then we were driving and saw his office, O.M.G.! That man thinks he owns the town.

    Cute bean!

  3. i'm sorry you're having to put the house stuff on hold, but happy that you're trying to look on the brightside of things.

    what a sneaky little bean!

  4. Yep Marty is known for being a bitch on wheels. Not so well liked at all. She's selling a house on my parents street and I can't help but laugh because the owner of the house is an assface and the 2 totally deserve the crap they must be putting each other through.

    The bean can't be any cuter.

  5. Sucks on the house stuff. I know your pain. ;) Except for the crazy Realtor part. But you're right, you will come to a better situation when the time is right. Good luck with that.

    I want to squeeze the bean's cheeks. Love her.

  6. Ugh, so on the fence about the damn bail outs!! Good for some and I feel for those who are going to lose their houses; but, what happens to the rest of us who actually do things the way we are supposed to and research and bide our time and dont get in over our heads, etc...who helps us??! rrrrr!
    and who buys your house when you NEED to move so that you can be closer to work and start spending more time with your family and watch your kids grow and be there for your wife and be home on time when you make a really awesome dinner....

    Oh, sorry, TMI and a big ol' rant!!

    That girl is smart and cute. You are in soooo much trouble in like 3 years ;P

  7. Bummer on the house-hunting, but at least you can put off packing a whole house!!

  8. Highlight of my day so far too. Seeing pictures of the bean always makes me smile :)

    I'm sorry to hear about the house situation.

  9. the bean is so smart!

    the right time will come for the house. be patient.

  10. Sorry about the house and psycho realtor. Ditto others, the right house and time will come.

    The bean reminds me of myself when I try to drive and eat at the same time.

  11. Sorry about the house.

    No one can wait til they get home to eat their McDonalds!

  12. sorry to hear that your dream is being put on hold. i have a feeling that prices will get better after the holidays :) good thing you had a mickey d's lunch to make all better :)

  13. Are those *organic* McNuggets ;) Sorry about the house, we've also heard that things should be better for buyers in 2009. Crossing fingers!

  14. aw, no house... but seriously, how sad can you be with the bean shoving a mcnugget in your face? so cute.
    we'd love to find something in this market too but i don't think we could unload our place in this market, so...here we stay!

  15. I remember what a treat it was when we used to get McDonalds at that age...or actually a little older. We didn't get McDonalds before kindergarten.


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