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Friday, November 28, 2008

SO worth the wait.

after a couple of obstacles, the teen and i finally got to see twilight on wednesday.

and it was TOTALLY worth the wait.

i have a couple of good friends who read and loved the books, saw it last weekend, and thought it was a super cheesefest. i place a lot of trust in their judgment, and was desperately hoping that this would be one of the rare times that i disagreed with them. and as you can see from the title of this post...whee!

we sat down just as the previews started. there were so. many. stinking. previews. good lord! the teen hissed "just show us twilight already, nobody cares about these." i laughed and crunched on my nachos, but i was on the same page with her. we giggled together as we watched and waited, and then finally, finally:

the teen was dancing in her seat and silent-squealing with joy.

i love peter facinelli, even though he looks weird with that hair:

so, a few thoughts:
  • i still don't care for rob pattinson. after reading the books, i had the character of edward cullen on a really high pedestal (as most twilight readers do, i'd think), and poor rob wasn't even halfway up it. he did an okay job, and i resigned myself to the fact that he wasn't going to be replaced in the sequel(s). he looks a'ight from the side, but that full-front view just doesn't do it for me. and after watching and listening to him on the tonight show (um, personal hygiene, rob. fo' real. get some), ew. EW.
  • while a lot of folks didn't like kristen stewart, who plays bella, i loved her. she played the part exactly as i'd imagined as i mowed my way through the series, and she even looked just as i thought she would.
  • jacob. JACOB! can't. wait. for. new. moon. team jacob, holla!
  • i was thrilled that the movie followed the book pretty closely. the teen was bummed that there were lots of parts missing, but i explained to her that cramming a 500-page book into a 2-hour movie wasn't really feasible.
  • there were, indeed, some uber cheesetastic parts. i won't lie. but i didn't care - i looked past them and just LOVED this movie. hell, we wanted to plant our asses in the theater and watch it again, right away. and as it wound to a close, i knew this would be one DVD that we'll buy on the very day it comes out.
it was a nice way to kick off our thanksgiving holiday. yay for twilight!


  1. I'm so glad you liked it!! And the teen liked it! :-D I've seen it 4 times so far.

  2. Cripes! I can't wait to watch it. We're going this week. I read the books before all the hype, and when I saw Rob P cast as Edward, I too was disappointed!!! I envisioned someone TOTALLY dreamy and so NOT him! Thank you for havin that somewhat same opinion. Although I'm flabbergasted! How can you be TEAM JACOB! Edward ALL THE WAY MAN!!!

  3. See I thought the movie was a hundred times better than the book. I thought Bella was actually a likeable character in the movie since she was able to walk on her own AND didn't spend the entire time moping. Edward, however, completely lost his sense of humor in translation.

  4. I'm just not a fan of Edward in the movie. In my head he's waaaaay hotter and Bella is way sweeter and funnier.

    I'm also not a fan of the Jacob in the movie :( Sigh.

  5. i'm glad to hear another good review. i can't wait to see it, although with the way things are going, it might wind up being a rental for me. :/

  6. Overall I liked the movie. I was originally not sold on R.P. as Edward, but I actually think he did a good job. Not as dreamy as I'd imagined, but he was good. There was some serious cheese, but I expected that. I want to see the movie again so I can watch it without comparing every part to the book now that I can wipe out my preconceived ideas.

  7. I might have to re-evaluate my feelings for you after this post.......jk! (kinda)


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