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Sunday, November 30, 2008

we're doomed.

so we flipped on the news last night and were laughing at something together when the teen caught a glimpse of her beloved jonas brothers.

"turn it up, turn it up, turn it up!"

and as they panned over a row of tents, we found out via the reporter's voice-over that there were some die-hard (mentally challenged, according to the hub) fans who'd been camping out at the hollywood palladium for tonight's concert.

um, since fucking WEDNESDAY.

holy shit. these people sat there in the parking lot, camped out for a concert, through thanksgiving.

and now we're trying to decide what time to head down there and get in line. damn. and it's not like we can eat or drink much for fear of having to head to the restroom and losing our spot on the floor when we finally get in.

holy effing shit. DOOMED!


  1. As the kids are saying these days...OMJ. Oh My Jonas.
    Good luck!!

  2. Have you never been to a general admission show?

    It doesn't matter when you get there. It only matters how strong and ballsy you are about pushing your way to the front.

    You don't think I camped out all those shows 10 years ago, do you? I'm just the bitch who elbows, punches, and shoves people to the side.

    [looking lovingly at my collection of hard-earned drumsticks, picks, and setlists]

    And your husband is right -- those people camping out are idiots...precisely because people like me (and hopefully you) will just weasel their way right past them.

  3. I came to write exactly what WeeMo said. Coming from a punk rock girl, you just push those chicks out of the way and never look back. Seriously! Be brave. They can't do anything.

  4. Hee. This is precisely why you're an awesome mom.

  5. Now aren't you glad you didn't give up those San Diego tickets?

  6. duuude. i'm still impressed you actually braved this with just you and the teen!


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