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Monday, November 10, 2008

let the "i told you so"s begin

a few of you commented on it.

i swore up and down it wouldn't happen.

i was determined to stick to my word, dammit.

and yet i am the biggest sucker in all the land. and what am i talking about this time?

the teen + tickets to two jonas brothers concerts + softy ass mom = two concerts, two weeks apart.

well, i guess it beats the extravaganza from the summer, where the THREE shows were back-to-back-to-back, right?


  1. I had no idea how popular the jonas brothers were until we held a meeting for our girls' group at school last week. A room of 60 inner-city girls screaming at the mere mention of their name. I was almost frightened by their response!

    This, however, may still not justify another two concerts. ;) Have fun all the same!

  2. I know you're secretly in love w/ the Jonas bros.

  3. I won't say it, but you know it. ;) Have fun!

  4. I will bite my tongue on this one as well.

  5. oh my...and i thought i was bad for attending 2 NSync shows at the same arena...on the same weekend LOL

  6. lucky for you the "I told you so's" are going to be drowned out by a screaming teen!

  7. You are a sucker. :) I think you secretly <3 the Jonas Brothers, too!

  8. You are a sucker. :) I think you secretly <3 the Jonas Brothers, too!


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