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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

aw, crap.

the hub cheerfully informed me that this is his last day in the office for the week. and what does that mean?

"we're gonna clean this house from top to bottom! whoo-hoo! aren't you excited, babe?"


i don't know if you know this about me, but i fucking hate cleaning. like, i despise it. with a passion. i'm a terrible housekeeper and always have been. in my defense, though, it's what i like to call "organized chaos." i know where all my shit is, even if i have little piles of stuff here and there. ask me where this month's electric bill is? i'll pull it out within seconds. the teen's most recent school pics? easy peasy.

but the hub, who's completely anal about keeping everything neat and dust/cobweb-free, goes absolutely nuts over this. this is the man who's got his closet organized by type AND color. the very same man who i dubbed "groomzilla" when we were planning our wedding, as every. last. detail had to be run by him for approval.

i often remind him that he knew this about me when he married me. and his usual comeback is "well, that goes the same for you." and then we're at a deadlock until he finally starts cleaning and i follow suit, grumbling and bitching and moaning the whole time (me, that is).

and i love, love, love when he has time off from work and can spend it with us. but knowing that he's going to be on my ass to clean the fridge/kitchen/hall closet/whatever else isn't up to his pristine standards, i'm gonna try and gear up for it and get all my whining and grumbling out of the way. heh.

give me strength.


  1. Oh man. Well that does not sound like a fun day at all!

    Here's my look at the bright side: At least one of you cares about cleaning, otherwise you'd be like me and my husband living with 8 loads of laundry at all times, and complete chaos. At least your house *is* clean, right?

  2. I completely understand how you feel! My husband is a neat freak..and I am not! His mom's house is like a museum and at first he expected our house to be like that...not happening! Good luck and have fun cleaning...;(

  3. Yuck. Not my idea of quality time either. Have fun?

  4. I thought you guys had a cleaning lady. Heh. Still, that doesn't sound like a fun week.

    When you guys are done can you come over and do mine? I'll buy dinner.

  5. My husband before marriage = Messy.
    My husband after marriage = Neatness Nazi.

    Me before marriage = Pretty damn clean.
    Me after marriage = Messier than before (trying to figure out why).

    So we both duped each other, because neither of us is the way we were before getting married. We're screwed.

  6. Oh man, this sounds like me and William. For serious. I am totaly like you...piles, organized chaos...both of those are terms I use ALL THE TIME. And then Wm cleans, and I can't FIND anything!!!

  7. on the brightside - at least your husband cleans? mine does stuff here and there, but he would never clean a toilet. ever.

    uh, have fun?

  8. Wait, didn't you say you're coming down with something, Wan? Ya know, some illness that will make it hard for you to clean? I think you're looking a little pale and feverish. ;)

  9. Now's the time to fake that flu. What? It's the season for it....LOL!!

    Well, knowing you, you'll probably suck it up. Me, I'd wake up late.

  10. I thought you had a maid? My husband is like that when it comes to cleaning too :( Drives me nuts.

  11. Just know that I'll be right there with you cleaning. All weekend long. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

  12. ::whispering::
    i love it when jim gets into cleaning moods. goes by much faster when there are two of us working on it. ;)

  13. There are such things as "maids" and "housekeepers" for a reason. Too bad you and I have husbands that don't appreciate that. I hate cleaning more than you do - how much do you want to bet?


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