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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

barack the vote!

okay, i've said before that i don't talk politics.

but i got my ass up early this morning and headed straight to my polling place to cast my ballot, and i was surprised at how...electrified i felt when i was done. i literally got goosebumps as i slid my ballot into that slot and accepted my "i voted" sticker. i was pretty stoked to be able to walk right in, without waiting in line, and do my thing in about five minutes. whee!

i had the bean strapped into her carrier, and so the lady who was handing the stickers out gave me one for her, too. yay! i'm totally putting it into her baby book. i plan to take her with me every time i vote in an election, so that as she gets older, voting is as natural to her as breathing. i want her to know how important it is to register, and to vote - not only to make her voice heard, but to honor those who fought so hard (and continue to do so) to ensure that we're able to vote.

the teen sported her obama tee at school today. i drove her out to the local democratic office yesterday, because she really wanted a shirt to wear for election day. "i've got my own money for it, mom," she said. and i couldn't help it - i laughed my ass off. hard. why?

well, the ILs, bless their hearts, gave her a card this weekend congratulating her on her honor roll status - with a wad o'cash inside. so sweet. and it just tickled me to no end to realize that they were indirectly buying an obama tee for the teen - they're extremely conservative republicans. bwahahahahahahahaha! i. love. it.

and tonight for dinner, i'm doing fried chicken, homemade mac & cheese, green salad, and apple pie. am i a total nerd? hell yeah! but are you surprised? i'm thinking, not so much.

now, get out there and rock the vote (if you haven't already)!


  1. if you're a nerd, then so am i. i'm making spaghetti and putting it on blue plates. it's a half assed attempt to make something red, white, and blue for dinner :-).

  2. love this post! i was up early to vote, too, but the line i stood in was much longer than any 5 mins. well worth it, imo, but still.


  3. I love that the teen is getting excited about voting at a younger age. And I wish I could have taken the Bean with me to score an extra sticker.

    Also, what time should I be over for dinner?

  4. I was not able to sport my obama barrettes at work today because work is a polling place and I can't be "campaigning" within 100 ft of the polling place. Lucky teen. =)

  5. I am loving the story SO much that the conservatives' money went towards an Obama tee. Cracks my poop up.

  6. My line was far longer than 5 minutes too. I really like the teen's shirt.

  7. That is so awesome that the teen is involved. Love it!

  8. I had no line either!! Yay!

    My dad used to take me to vote when I was little and even let me punch the cards. Haven't missed an election since I turned 18 :)

  9. The teen and the bean are too cute, love the teens' shirt!

  10. You live in an "arnold + maria" household!
    Glad the teen used the cash for her t-shirt! Hahaha

  11. Did the bean use her sticker to get coffee? We didn't do anything theme-y, but I do have an apple cake in the oven.

  12. My dad used to take me to the polls when I was a kid and placed great emphasis on voting. Filling out my voter registration form was the first thing I did when I turned 18. I applaud you on setting a great example for your kids! Yay!

  13. Congrats on raising the girls to be such good citizens! Yay for rocking the vote!

  14. It's funny how kids get into it early now. I remember voting in a school mock presidential election when I was about the teen's age. I think I voted for Ross Perot, lol.


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