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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

trader joe's, how i love you

on sunday afternoon, while the hub relaxed at the cigar club, the teen, the bean and i headed off to trader joe's to find some snacks.

and boy, did we.

the bean and i are currently addicted to these:

while the teen is rather stuck on these:

and we all love these:

you'd think i'd have learned my lesson before, but nah, not so much. and in an hour, we'll be headed to gymboree - which is just a few doors down from...yup, you guessed it - trader joe's.



  1. oooooh i love item #1 too! i may have to stop by tjs after work today . . .

  2. Oh, Snapea Crisps are incredible!!!! And have you tried the Peppermint Joe-Joe's cheesecake? $1.99 for a box full of goodness.

  3. Have you had the frozen joe joes?? With mint chip ice cream inside. Those things are like gold. They are so hard to find. We buy like 5 boxes at a time.

  4. i think you just inspired my after-work shopping trip.

  5. ::shaking fist::

    IHY!!!!!! no TJs in lithuania.


  6. It's probably a good thing I don't shop at TJs. I'd never make it out of there without a pile of snacks.

  7. trader joes is a total moneysucker. god i love that place. i'll come home with a full load of groceries even if our freezer and fridge are completely full. I can't stop myself.

  8. Ooh my kids love the snapees too. You can find them at the Asian Markets for waaaaaaaay cheaper than TJ's tho. They're packaged differently but still under the same maker "Calbee". Hmmm candy cane Joe-Joe's? We are soooo big on the Vanilla ones!!!

  9. Candy cane oreos??? Those look great!! Too bad I'm still on this stupid dairy free diet or I'd try to track some down.

  10. ack! mine didn't have peppermint jojo's yet. boo.

    i did, however, get the faux kung pao noodles to eat at school.


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