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Thursday, November 13, 2008

thank you, oprah

i don't watch the
oprah winfrey show. it's not that i don't like oprah, i'd just rather watch an old episode of "90210" on soapnet. oprah and dr. phil vs. kelly and brandon/dylan? psh. that's a no-brainer.

but yesterday, i was browsing the l.a. nest board and clicked on a post that said "free photobook, thanks oprah." well, duh - i love a freebie, and god knows i'm all about photobooks. not to mention, the third wan-niversary is coming up quick, and the hub mentioned ages ago that he'd dig a cowhide-covered wedding album (because, of course, the traditional gift for the third anniversary is leather).

see, a wedding album was included with our photography package way back when. but we never got around to ordering it, and when i called the photographer last month, i found out that to get it done now, almost three years later, it'd cost us an additional $850.

um, no.

at first, we were outraged - that album was already paid for, dammit! and the hub was all set to call the photographer and verbally kick his ass. but when we had our photo shoot with crissy a few weeks ago, we told her about it and asked her what she thought of the whole album debacle. and her response was basically "dude, it's been three years. that's a hell of a long time. prices go up, and i would charge the difference too."

so we decided to drop it. after all, we already had a CD of all the images - which definitely contributed to my procrastination on that album. if we hadn't seen the pictures yet, or at least didn't have access to them, that would have lit a fire under my ass ages ago. unfortunately, the pics are all medium resolution and will print 4" x 6"s only, but they'll do.

i threw the album together, selected a white leather cover, and placed my order. and for roughly $7 (for taxes and shipping), i should have my anniversary gift in hand within about a week or so. whee! one less thing to deal with.

wanna get yours? go here to start creating your free photobook. the catch is that you need to request the coupon by tomorrow at 11:59 pm, PST - and then redeem it by sunday at the same time.

on another note, i just received the album that i put together for the bean's first year of life. it came out really well, and i'm pretty pleased with it, as is the hub. i ordered it from inkubook - again with a free coupon - and now i feel better about having 10,000 pictures of her first twelve months. it was hard to narrow it down, but i managed, and it's cool to have an album done. i'll be doing this every year, i'm thinking. it'll be fun to look back at these albums when she gets older. i wish i had the teen's albums - they're sitting in a storage unit somewhere, and the ex won't let me have 'em. bastard.

i stepped on the scale this morning and i'm five pounds below wedding weight. yee-haw! i'll be rocking the wedding dress for the third year in a row. oh to the yeah.


  1. Shit. I'm two years out. I should get my ass in gear. :(

  2. score! at least you got part of the waniversary taken care of (i'd say all of it, but i know you and i'm sure you'll add something to it - ha!)

    that is a cute idea to do a photobook for each year of the bean's childhood. love it.

  3. Thank you Oprah, thank you Wannabe! Whee. This is going to be my project for Saturday.

  4. That sucks about the album, but I understand. Any chance the photog will give you the images in high res to compensate for the album you're not going to get?

    I was terrible at taking pictures of Lil Man growing up. I'm a sucky mom and will have no cool books to look back on. :(

    Jealz of your weight. How do you do it?!

  5. I forgot you re-wear the wedding dress!! LMAO! Umm, yeah I wish I could fit...

    I'm annoyed about your album. It seems like you should get something. Credit for a sitting? Whatever, I hate my album. We waited a whole year, and I let my husband pick it up alone and I am so disappointed. However, I love the proof album. All 900 pics! At least I have something to show people.

  6. IHY for being able to fit into your dress.

  7. Ugh. Even with my stomach issues, I've gained nearly 8 lbs since the wedding. how that is possible I don't know, since I didn't exercise then (and am now), and I have way more issues with my stomach now than I did then. (God was watching out for me on my wedding, I can't believe how stomachache-free I was during that time.)
    And you had a baby!
    You best be eating over there! Otherwise, this just doesn't add up.

  8. Do you really wear your dress every year? I haven't even gotten mine cleaned yet!

  9. Dang,I'm a day late for the photo book.

    Congrats on 5 lbs. less than wedding day..that's great!


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