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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so this is how we spent our saturday night:

a fundraiser for the teen's school's peer assistance group came in the form of a basketball game between members of the glendora school district's faculty and staff and a group of guys made up of actors from random tv shows called the hollywood knights, plus a DJ and other reps from our local top-40 radio station.  the teen was super excited for this thing, with a couple of guys from "the secret life of the american teenager" scheduled to appear.  she loves that show.  i...don't.  all they talk about is hooking up and girls are getting pregnant left and right and even if that's the reality for today's teens, i really don't need it staring me in the face.

anyway, with it being a school fundraiser, we had no problems shelling out $25 for VIP passes, which got us courtside seats.  the hub was originally going to come along, but decided the UFC fight with his buddies sounded more interesting.  so we brought rock-ell along instead, who was more than happy to take the upgrade from her measly general admission ticket.

we got the last three seats right next to this empty row - which turned out to be the celebrity team's section.  whee!

after watching some silliness involving various audience members and the radio station reps, the teams came out to warm up.  there was much excitement as the "celebrities" came out onto the floor.

this guy, who had a great smile and was super friendly, is in a show on ABC family and was in a disney channel movie that starred selena gomez and demi lovato.

he seemed to be wondering what the hell he was doing out in BFE on a perfectly good saturday night.

see, this is how close we were sitting to them:

the only name i'd recognized from the celebrity-lineup was cody linley, who's been on "hannah montana" and was one of last season's "dancing with the stars" castoffs.  he was super cocky and could hardly be bothered to mingle with his fans.

and yeah, i felt super wrong taking this picture of him, but i did it anyway.

the teams came out for their introductions.

even the bean, who'd been a little startled by the level of noise at first (and clapped her hands over her ears), got into it after a while.

this was about the last time the faculty team was even with the celebs:


both the teen and rock-ell fell all over themselves as they drooled over this guy.

at one point, their p.e. teacher (who was assigned to guard him) took him aside and pointed the girls out to him (they weren't hard to spot, as he walked by them every few minutes and heard them proclaim their love every time).

and the next time he came over, he grabbed a towel to dry off and tossed it to rock-ell, who damn near passed out in ecstasy.

it was pretty stinking funny.  on the other hand, the teen and i both thought this dude was pretty super delicious.  he must've thought i was such a creep, because every time he turned around, he was facing my camera lens.  remember, my seat was really close to him.  muahahahahaha.

this dude was rock-ell's tormentor.  he was from the radio station and periodically strode by with t-shirts, balls, and other giveaways, and when she would try to get his attention, he'd fake her out.  he'd make like he was handing her whatever was in his hand, and when she reached for it, he'd yank it back and laugh maniacally.  buttwad.

at halftime, the cheer squad came out to perform.

while they shook their thang, the football team came out to ensure that the crowd didn't surge forward and rush the halftime act - some dude whose name i can't even remember anymore.

and then tables and chairs appeared on the floor for the autograph session.  good lord, i thought i was going to get trampled.  thank goodness i'd put the bean on my shoulders - otherwise, she'd have suffocated in the crowd.  but the teen managed to get some decent shots.

when the game was over, the guys stayed on the floor and happily posed for pictures with everyone.  the bean and i might've snuck into a couple of shots we weren't supposed to be in.

again, my stupid face made its way into a bunch of pictures.

rock-ell was fangirling up a freaking storm.  with her precious michael copon-sweaty towel in hand, she elbowed her way through the crowd that surrounded him to get a solo shot of herself with him.  we laughed our asses off as we stood behind him, waiting for a turn, and watched her lick his arm.  when he finally turned around and noticed her, he grabbed the towel back, wiped himself off again, made like he was going to stick it down his shorts, but stopped short as everybody squealed.  he handed it back to her, and she was over the freaking moon.  he asked if he was going to see us at the afterparty, but when we said we hadn't gotten access, he shot us an apologetic look and turned to the next group of giggly girls.

outside, we tried (unsuccessfully) to gain entrance into the "afterparty" - actually a dinner catered by the peer assistance group in the school's event center.  so they settled for waiting around for a glimpse of the guys as they left for the night.

the bean entertained herself just fine, and shot the radio dude a dirty ass look when he came over to pose for a picture with her.  heh.

and then it was all over.

good times.  as word spread through campus the next school day about the game, tons of folks were bummed to have missed it.  so next year when those VIP tickets go on sale, we'll have to jump on 'em.  they're gonna sell out fast.


  1. Am I a pervy old lady for wishing I was there? Probably so, luckily I can live with it.

  2. Sounds like such a fun event for the girls!! I bet they can't wait for next year. :)

  3. LOL,you guys crack me up!!
    that did look like it was a lot of fun..and that dude really IS super delish!

  4. I have no clue who any of those sweaty dudes are.

  5. OMG! Totally fangirling cougaring over Michael Copon. So so lucky. YUM!

  6. lol, you crack me up in those pictures!! haha

  7. I, too, have no idea who any of those kids are. Yes, kids. Wah wah wah, I'm getting so old.


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