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Friday, October 1, 2010

bean's growing up (too damn fast)

today i celebrate the third anniversary of one of the three happiest days of my life - the bean is the big 3!

it's hard to believe that in just three short years, she's gone from this little wrinkly burrito:

to this fantastically awesome little girl:

what a ham.  i just don't know where she gets it from.

yesterday was a biggie, too - we toured a preschool with her and let her run amok, playing with the kids and even joining in for circle time with the class she'll be placed in.  she did such a great job - she sat and sang along to the songs, clapped, jumped, participated - and only glanced back a few times to make sure we were still there.

she's going today for her 3-year checkup with the doctor, and when she signs off on the health form for enrollment, we'll be all set to start preschool!  i've been so nervous about it, wishing she were still tiny, and wanting to just hold her tight and keep her little forever and ever.  but i have a feeling that she's gonna be a-okay.  and after we clear this hurdle, we can start on dance classes!  oh man.  imagine the fabulous photos and videos that'll produce.  i'm tapping fingertips together in excitement already.

my baby.  i can't wait for the adventures that have yet to come.  happy, happy birthday, my darling little bean!


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Bean!! You are getting cuter and growing up to be a fabulous girl, it must be in your genes.
    Hugs from Celeste & Mae

  2. happy birthday to your adorable little bean!!
    and yay for pre-school, i bet she will love it!

  3. Happy birthday, Bean! You are the cutest ever (of course, except for my baby--who's now 15.)

  4. Happy birthday, Bean! She's growing up so quickly!


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