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Monday, October 18, 2010

gifts galore

we tried to space out the bean's gift opening extravaganza, so as not to overwhelm her.  she had quite a lovely pile of beautifully wrapped presents, and after opening one or two on the day after her big bash, we finally just gave in and sat down to watch her rip through them all.

she had a blast.  even the cards that accompanied the gifts were a barrel of fun, some containing sheets of stickers and a one that played a song when she opened it.

poor mollydog was included in the stickerapalooza.

dailygluttony gave her something for our upcoming yo gabba gabba live show.  note the teen's slightly envious reaction. ha!

anything toy story was a huge hit, of course.

she was oh-so-briefly dazzled by some birthday cash.

and...we have now entered into the world of barbie, courtesy of my mom and her gift of a barbie party cruise.  10yearstogether would be so proud.

the next day, we headed out back for a quick photo shoot for the thank-you notes, which i tackled this weekend.  here's a sneak peek (this wasn't the final shot):

we are blessed to have such generous friends.  yay for birthday princess presents!


  1. Cute idea for thank you notes! Excited to see how those turn out!

  2. looks like she got a lot of fun stuff. yay for presents!! also...cute idea for the thank you notes :)

  3. Barbie cruise WHAT?! lol Wow the Bean looks so grown up, I can't get over it!

  4. Oh, the Barbie years are beginning. So fun! :)


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