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Friday, October 29, 2010

halloweenie teen

although she still doesn't have a real costume, the teen had some fun at target trying some on.

no, she didn't actually pick one of these.  meanwhile, i was torn between amusement and being grossed out by this one:

because really, what's the first thing you see?  yeah.  gorilla nipples.  not cute.

anyway, she's been super preoccupied with what comes a day before halloween:  homecoming.  oh, man.  between the floofy dress and the sparkly shoes and the limo and dinner and cruising out to hollywood afterwards and the "i need hair and makeup done!" i'm all homecoming-ed out.  damn.

we did go and have her nails done.  and she was so stoked when they were done:

okay, so yeah - they're totally cute on her.  now let's just hope she doesn't chip any of 'em before saturday night.  the day is already super tight between the hair and makeup appointments.  oy vey.  give me strength.


  1. -the hot dog + the look on her face cracked me the F up!!

    -her nails are super cute

    -gorilla nipples are nasty :/

    -and..can't wait to see the pics of her all glammed up! i bet she's going to have an amazing time.

  2. um, totally love her nails. if i could pull that off, i'd totally steal the idea. lucky for her, i can't pull it off, so i won't :)

    and dude. a date for homecoming? heebiejeebieweebies....

    details! details! details!

    and i want to see her in her dress!! ahh!!!

  3. I can't wait to hear all about her homecoming!

    the girl who never went to homecoming dance in hs


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