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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bean = ham

she's such a 3-year old.

right after i asked her not to blow the bubbles right in my face:

post-party mani/pedi, thanks to cousin seven's gift.

still enjoying one of last year's gifts:

do you love the ensemble?

a few final thoughts on the party:

- the teen was totally mortified when party guests recognized her from the blog.  "moooom, they're calling me "the teen!" oh em gee!"  heh.

- i'm so amused that there were a handful of folks who tweeted or e-mailed me to ask what the bean's real name is.  ha!

- we actually did have the football game on the tv inside the house.  FIL and the hub's grandpa were sitting in there watching it, and some folks would wander in and watch for a few before being called away by their kid(s).

- the cake was extra delicious because it was made from batter i got to take home from work.  mmmmm, it was so good.

- i forgot to mention to my friends kelley and ashley how great they both look.  they've both been working their asses off with diet and exercise, and it shows.

- it was so cute to have three pregnant ladies present!  AMP, grace, and my cousin mel are all expecting, and it was fun to see them all. 

it was a wonderful party, fun to plan and even more so to enjoy - but whew, am i glad it's over.  now we have thank-you notes to tackle.  we even managed to find the bean's halloween costume and a dress for the teen to wear to the homecoming dance. 

but now the holidays are right around the corner.  good gracious, it never ends, does it?


  1. Thank you for inviting us! We had a wonderful time. Our kids are precious together.

    Thanks for the shout out! Zumba soon? ... or dinner? I can go for either, or both!

  2. Typical embarrassing Monkey story for you:

    Because of you, I've taken to calling all babies "bean."

    When I was calling one of my co-workers' child his "little bean," I got a lot of strange disapproving looks.

    He's Mexican.


  3. BWAHAHAHAHA! I am one of the guilty parties who said to the teen: "You must be the teen..."

    And I *was* gonna email you re: the Bean's real name but forgot. That's why we ended up putting Bean on er gift tag! Heh.

  4. I lol'ed at Weezermonkey's story. Sad trombone indeed :) I can't wait to see pictures of the teen's homecoming dress! Yes, I'm so nosy.

  5. I'm totally in favor of toddlers (um, and adults, heh) rockin' the boots and skirts look.


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