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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

birthday princess bean

just like her mama, the bean is taking full advantage of her birthday princess month.  along with the big bash coming up this weekend, we celebrated her fabulous bean-ness on her actual birthday.

i'd gone after work to pick up some fun presents for her to open, while the hub was assigned the task of picking up an ice cream cake.  my girl LOVES her some mint chip ice cream, so it wasn't hard to pick.  it was just the three of us, with FIL off fishing, MIL out to dinner, and the teen at her dad's for the week.  and so we just kept it super simple - we picked up some food from the local panera bread and brought it home, where we could enjoy our meal together and be able to relax too.

do you love her special birthday girl shirt?

she never knew what was coming until it was set down right in front of her.

that's some excitement right there, huh?  it was so fun to watch.  and as we sang the birthday song, she just beamed and grinned happily at us.  i have video of it, but you don't want to hear me sing - trust me.  and at the end of it, she took a deep breath and let out one big, ecstatic gust of wind that extinguished all three candles immediately.  awesome.

it was even more fun to watch her light up when the hub handed her a fork and told her to go for it.  and that she did.

she was so thrilled over her cake that she was completely beside herself when she saw me with this pile of presents for her to open.  oh man, it was just so damn cute.

first up:  a cool light-up bubble gun from her sister, picked up at the fair the night before.

and then, a set of sidewalk chalk for the back yard.

you know what's cool?  shoes that light up when you walk!

to add to her growing play food collection, a fun backyard bbq set.

her grandma walked in right as she was opening the last of her presents (a super fun ice cream play-doh set), and handed her a card that she couldn't get enough of.  when you open it, it plays - of course - "you've got a friend in me" from toy story.

she posed with all of her loot before running to her room to get her "babies" and "feed" them.

ah, my littlest birthday princess.  how proud i am that she's following in my (and the teen's) footsteps!


  1. the look on her face when you put the cake in front of her was just priceless!! she is so darn cute!!

    and..my fave ice cream is mint chocolate chip too...and baskin robbins has the best one!! mmmm

    yay for october babies!! & happy birthday bean

  2. Wow! Ice cream cake. I didn't know those existed until middle school. How sad is that?

  3. That is a lot of presents.

    I'm think that the reason birthdays don't mean much to me is my parents' lack of showering me with gifts. They even forgot three times.

    This probably helps explain why I'm not cut out for parenthood.

  4. Awww cute! Looks like she really enjoyed the cake :) That smile on her face warms my heart.

    P.S. I <3 the cupcake wrapping paper!

  5. So cute! I love it when kids can finally really enjoy their birthdays and appreciate the gifts. :) Love the shot of her playing with the food.

  6. Ahhh crap we got her the same ice cream play doh thing...shit, looks like Im headed back to target tomorrow. I am so smart it's like I was reading your mind ;)

  7. The look on her face with the candles is just hilarious. Looks like a fun way to ring in 3!


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