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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

not-resolutions for 2012

happy 1/11/12!

like my annual recap of the year, it seems that a list of goals for the new year has turned into a tradition for me.  it's actually really fun to look back at the list throughout the year and see how many items i've crossed off, or are actively working on.

of course, a few of them manage to sneak their way onto the list every time.  i guess that's mostly okay as long as i'm still acknowledging them as things i want to accomplish, right?

oh, well.  in any case, here they are for 2012:
  • really focus on spending less money.  this is one that the hub will be thrilled about, and i honestly do want to keep a closer eye on what i spend our cash on.  again, not necessarily a carbon copy of 2009's operation downsize, but being much more careful about purchases.
  • take an inventory of the boxes of scrapbooking supplies taking up valuable garage space and list them for sale on etsy or ebay.  i've got decorative paper, embellishments, mini album sets - all of it brand new and just sitting around.  i'm sure someone will be interested in some of it, at least.  i hope.
  • continue to exercise and stay active in some way, shape or form.  with the half marathon coming up in a few weeks, i'll likely cut down a lot on the running.  i'm just gonna admit it now:  i really effing hate running.  well, okay - i don't mind so much the short distances, like 3-5 miles.  but more than that and i'm miserable.  as are my feet, which are seriously to' up from the training i've been doing.  but i'm still doing the 30-day shred, picked up jillian's "yoga meltdown," as well as tony horton's 10-minute trainer.  because i've actually gotten visible results that i'm proud of, i'm using it as motivation to keep it up.  so far, it's working.
  • channel my inner martha stewart and do more sewing and cooking from scratch.  the teen and rock-ell have made a pact to cut out fast food for at least six months, the hub is working on a fun "get healthy" competition, and i want everyone to be healthy and happy.  so i'm going to be on the lookout for more low-fat/low-cal recipes and snacks to feed my family.  i'm open to suggestions!
  • clean.  yes, i say this every.stinking.year.  but i've been reading up on some great tips on how to spread out the housecleaning so that it's not a big, daunting task.  i think i can create a good schedule to follow that'll make everyone happy, and keep a nice, clean house (and car) all the time.
  • help the teen sharpen her test/quiz-taking skills and bring her grades up to at least a 3.0.  she does a great job getting her homework and classwork done, but for some reason struggles a bit when it comes to tests and quizzes.  i'm not sure what to do, but i really want to come up with something to help her out.
  • get the bean involved in something new.  maybe it'll be hula dancing lessons, or karate, or even *gulp* soccer.  we're going to hold off on an instrument until she's 5, but in the meantime it would be cool to add something to her current routine of school, tap/ballet, and gymnastics.
  • do a better job of sending out birthday cards.  funny, i was totally the card/stationery lady for a while, but i've always been terrible about actually mailing them out.  and really, who doesn't love getting a fun card via snail mail?  i know i do.
  • organize all of our old photos from boxes into albums. they'll take up less space that way, and besides, it'll be fun going down memory lane as i sort through them all.
  • schedule monthly playdates that combine my friends and the bean's.  it's always so much fun to see everyone, and the kids always seem to have a blast together.  


  1. I have a delicious chili verde recipe!! so yummy!! :)

  2. Why hold off on the instrument? The time for piano is now!

    Fur Elise by age 6. DO IT.

  3. Great list for the new year! Good luck!

  4. ditto piano - my sis started at 4 and is an amazing pianist. i also recommend tai kwon do. our kids will do this for sure! 10yrs chicken adobo recipe is yum! and is on her blog, i modified a bit but so good and pretty healthy from what i remember. hit me up for the scrap stuff, im sure i need what you don't:) and yes ebay is a great place to list it, check out their mystery auctions:) if you are organizing into albums though, dont you need the scrap stuff? find a local store where you can go in and work for a nominal fee...it helps keep you focused and motivated, at least it helps me:)


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