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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

two great tastes that taste great together

my friend tater sent me a link to a recipe for some delicious looking cookies a few weeks ago that blended two of my favorite things in the whole world - biscoff spread and snickerdoodles.  and since i love to plan ahead, i told her that i'd make a batch of them in her honor to serve at the GTG we were planning.

of course, i was totally distracted the day before the party and forgot all about them until i woke up before the butt crack of dawn.  oops.  but i'd read through the recipe and knew that it was a pretty easy process, so i decided to make them as soon as i got out of bed.  the bean, hearing my plans, immediately volunteered to come with me.  she's such a good little helper.

the cookie part was a really basic snickerdoodle recipe.  simple sugar cookie dough, formed into balls and rolled in some cinnamon sugar.

but then i busted out the secret ingredient and the magic began.

turns out i had just enough for the filling.  wanna see one of the saddest sights in the whole wide world?

blend it with a little butter, some powdered sugar, a bit of cinnamon, and a smidge of milk, and you've got yourself one heavenly smelling bowl of yum.

slather it on the cooled cookies.

sandwich them together.

and bask in the glory of all the compliments showered upon you by all who partake.


  1. seriously so good. and so glad you made them instead of cleaning. especially since e did that anyway. ;)

  2. Cookies > cleaning



  3. I have not stopped thinking about these damn cookies J!

    I gotta get my paws on some of that spread! WHere do I even get it?


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