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Thursday, January 5, 2012

pancakes make everything better

the bean kicked off 2012 with a rare cold.  poor baby.  she woke up with a snuffalupagusy nose and just went downhill from there.  by the time i got her out of bed and dressed for the day, she had super rosy cheeks and sad little sickypoo eyes.

sucks, huh?  first me on christmas eve, and then the bean on new year's day.  sheesh.  but she's seriously the most cheerful sick kid i know - she still played happily and stayed her happy, upbeat self.  pretty awesome.

so i decided to bust out something fun for breakfast - the chocolate chip pancake mix i'd gotten in my stocking.

no, i'm not going to bore you with the process of making pancakes.  but i will dazzle you with my makeup-less face and the ove glove i got for christmas from brother wan.

and what's breakfast without my favorite pork product?

unfortunately, this cold is sticking around a lot longer than i'd hoped.  she had to skip school and dance class yesterday to avoid spreading her sicky germs to all of her friends.  boo.  please send lots of happy, healthy vibes so she can go and play with her buddies tomorrow, yeah?

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