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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


the streak of disney freebies continued with a quick trip to my local disney store on their 25th anniversary.  i'd gotten a flyer that said they were handing out free commemorative mickey ears to the first 250 customers that day, and since i needed to hit the mall for the hub's birthday present anyway, well...

of course, i ran a little late that morning and ended up pulling into the parking structure about 15 minutes after they'd opened.  i wasn't sure if i'd still get my ears, since there are lots of serious disney freaks out there (yes, more so than me) and it was a total crapshoot anyway.

although there was a good-sized lineup as i turned the corner and caught my first glimpse of the store, it really wasn't all that bad.

a cast member handed me a ticket for my free ears.

apparently, they've been celebrating this anniversary for weeks.  i guess i'm just oblivious.  or, more accurately, i haven't been hitting the mall as often as i used to.

i probably stood in line for about ten minutes before my turn came to enter the store.  i would've loved to shop around for the bean, since the whole store was 25% off, but all my money was going to the hub that day.  s'okay.  i'm sure the stuff i wanted will go on sale again anyway.  and i scampered out happily with my prize.

to be totally honest, i don't really collect mickey ears.  i'm just a sucker for a freebie, and a limited edition one at that.  or, i'm just a sucker, period.  shut up.

i managed to find what i'd actually come for, shopped around a little for some other fun stuff that i'll fill you in on soon, and got the hell outta dodge with just enough time to head home and pick up the bean from school.  i was amused at what was parked next to my humble little pri-YES when i got back to the parking garage.

even funnier was that right as i finished snapping that picture and opened my door, the owner sashayed up right behind me, gave me a dismissive glance ("i can't believe your piece of shit is within 500 feet of my half-million-dollar work of automotive art"), and vroomed her fancy ass outta there.

five seconds earlier and she'd totally have caught me taking pictures of her bentley.  awwwwwkward.

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