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Monday, April 9, 2012

you want s'more?

i managed to get away with something super easy for the bean's easter party at school - packs of that horrible-sounding gogurt that kids inexplicably love to eat.  the thought of slurping up yogurt from a plastic baggie is just really gross to me, but kids dig weird shit.

so i decided that i'd put together a cute little package for her classmates - one that i'd seen my friend kim post on twitter, as well as several different versions on pinterest.  of course, i was too cheap to pay for the PDF'd file of the printable tag for the bags, so i threw together a simple one of my own instead.

and then i remembered that my color printer is lousy at printing on cardstock (it jams every. single. time.), so i really cheaped out and used regular ol' copy paper instead.  i really would've liked to just use my full-sheet labels, but they get stuck too.  boo.  luckily, i have a whole bunch of crap left over from my scrapbooking days, and so i got to use some of it up for this little project:

i stuck them on top of the ziploc bags i used to assemble the goodies in, and voila:

it's far from perfect - i could've centered the text and graphics a lot better on the tag so there wasn't so much empty space at the top.  but i'd already printed them all, and besides - they're 4.

she had a great time hunting for eggs and eating fun snacks with her friends at the school party, and although i tried to bribe her with everything under the sun to pose anywhere else, she insisted on taking a picture by the car.  sheesh.

this concludes my pinteractivity for this week.


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  1. What an adorable idea!! The bean's outfit is killing me! So freaking cute!!!


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