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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

thank you, easter bunny! bawk bawk!

i completely forgot to do my weekly pinteractive post!  oops.  oh well, better late than never.  and to go with the theme of this week, let's rewind about a week and a half...to easter.

while perusing my friends' pins, i found something that sounded fantabulous via my buddy grace.  she'd pinned a mouthwatering photo that linked to a recipe for creme egg brownies.  cadbury creme eggs are pretty much my most favorite kind of easter candy - and with my sweet tooth, that's saying a lot.  now, i know that folks fall into one of two creme egg-related categories: you either love them or despise them.  but really, how can you resist the most adorable clucking bunny that ever was?

now, i've seen recipes for all sorts of things that incorporate these delicious little treats - cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc.  but most of them require the use of actual cadbury creme eggs.  i'm not really willing to sacrifice such precious nuggets for an experiment that may or may not turn out well.  so i was pleased to note that this particular recipe actually recreates that yummy filling with simple ingredients that i already had in my cupboards.

all you do is make a simple brownie batter, bake it, and let it cool.  then you make the filling and spread about 3/4 of it on top.

then you tint the rest of it with a little yellow food coloring and drop dollops of it onto the white layer.

give it a swirl, and then let it set for a couple of hours in the fridge.

a nice chocolate ganache goes on top of that, then it chills for another hour or so.

i love this magical pan-lining paper - parchment on one side, foil on the other.  makes my life so much easier.

let me tell you, a little of this stuff goes a looooooong way, even for me.  just the brownie base is really rich, and then you have the faux creme egg on top of that.  serious sugar high right here.

aren't you happy to know that you can indulge in this deliciousness any time of the year?  you can thank me later.


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