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Monday, April 30, 2012

a two-fer

i'm totally cramming two pinteractivities in this post, because they were super fun and i don't really want to pick just one for this week.  and because i can.  so there.

first up:  a replacement for that peeps wreath i took down a couple of weeks ago.  our front door has been naked since then, and well, i felt sorry for it.  one of you suggested doing one using those little umbrellas you usually get in fruity cocktails, and that was actually something i had pinned a while ago.  i took a trip to party city to pick up a box of the mini parasols - $5 for 144 of those things! - and with the bean's help, got to work.

as you can tell, she was mucho fascinated by the idea of these things, and after i warned her that the ends were pointy and sharp, she was good to go.  she took her job very seriously.

this was about 2.5 minutes after she'd woken up from her nap, so please don't judge me for the state of her hair.

it really didn't take very long to put this together, and in about 10 minutes we were done.

the method i'd used to hang the last wreath kinda sucked - i used a length of tulle from a roll i've had for ages and wound it around a wreath hanger in a somewhat complicated way.  but the clump of material jammed at the top made it a little difficult to open and close the front door for the first few days.  so this time, i waited until i had a chance to get out and pick up some flathead thumbtacks.  i found a nice wide ribbon and plucked a hammer from the hub's toolbox.  scary, huh?

i pounded the thumbtacks into the ribbon at the top of the door, realized the wreath wasn't centered, and had to pry them off and start over.  sheesh.  i never get shit done right the first time.  but i managed to accomplish my goal the second time around.

the bean was very proud of the wreath that she had helped make.  so maybe it's more summer-y than spring-y.  whatever.

so the other day, i showed you what my current manicure looks like.  but before that, i'd tried some different nail art that i liked a lot and was as easy to do as the tutorial promised.  here's the lineup of products:

i really love these new colors from essie.  the pink is "lights" and the orange, "action."

i used the orange as my base color.

then i took a makeup wedge and painted stripes on it using both colors.

dab, bounce, dab, bounce, and repeat a few more times.  a quick swipe of that magical seche vite topcoat, and we have this:

ombre nails!  at first, i compared them to a sunset.  or a tequila sunrise.  and then one of my twirlies said my nail polish was making her crave a big stick popsicle.  haha!  that's exactly what they look like.

my current obsession with nail polish is contagious.  i leave you with this:

fabulousness has no age limits, people.


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